Brendan McLoughlin: Miranda Lambert's Husband Is a Liar Who Lived a Double Life, Ex Claims

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Just days after the news that Miranda Lambert got married after a three month courtship, the bad news started coming in.

Apparently Brendan McLoughlin cheated on his former fiancee and fathered a child with another woman. It's not a good look.

Now, the woman who was almost his mother-in-law reveals more about his deception.

Brendan Mcloughlin

Brendan McLoughlin's ex-fiancee, Jackie Bruno, is understandably "mortified" at the news of his sudden marriage to Miranda Lambert.

At least, that is what Jackie's mother, Carol Bruno, tells Us Weekly.

"[Jackie] just wants to say that he’s just a lying, cheating, no good piece of garbage," Carol shares.

Brendan McLaughlin is a New York City police officer whose Manhattan precinct includes Times Square.

According to Carol, the woman who was nearly his mother-in-law, he was leading "a secret double life."

Miranda Lambert Wedding Pic

"[Brendan] tried to deny it," Carol says of his deceptions. "And then begged her to stay with him."

"He was begging her to marry him," Carol says.

Jackie and Brendan did not end up getting married, but it sounds like he was pushing her in that direction.

Carol accuses that he did so "Even though he know the girl was pregnant."

That sounds like a complicated but deeply unfair situation for both his baby mama and his (now former) fiancee.

Miranda Lambert at the Mic

Miranda Lambert stunned fans last weekend when, in honor Valentine's Day, she made a shocking announcement.

"I met the love of my life," Miranda told fans. And we got hitched!"

“My heart is full," she gushed.

"Thank you Brendan McLoughlin for loving me for…. Me," she concludes.

Miranda tagged her caption: "#theone."

Miranda Lambert Wins an Award!

"He was at my house and ate dinner with her father and I at our house almost every night," Carol says.

This is why the betrayal cuts so deep for Carol and for Jackie.

Carol says that Brendan did this "while his pregnant baby mama was at his place."

All in all, she shares that Jackie and Brendan were together for "almost two years."

The engagement portion of their relationship, Carol says, lasted for "a few months."

Miranda Lambert at CMAs

"He told her to keep it [the engagement] quiet," Carol says.

She accuses that he did this "because he knew about the baby on the way."

That sounds not only unkind to all parties involved, but like a very poor long-term plan.

How does one hide the existence of a child after the child is born and after a wedding?

Sooner or later, the story is going to break down and the lies will stop working.

Carol lays into Brendan, saying: “He’s just a lying, cheating, conniving, narcissistic [person]."

Miranda Lambert With CMA Awards

Some say that Brendan sounds like the perfect man for Miranda.

Miranda has admitted that she is something of a homewrecker, and her last marriage ended with cheating accusations.

But Brendan is not the first man accused of cheating. For that matter, she and Blake Shelton both allegedly cheated during their marraige.

Blake "won" the divorce, in terms of his reputation with the Country music community.

His reputation is fine and very few people have a problem with his ongoing romance with Gwen Stefani.

Perhaps it's unfair that people are more concerned about Miranda getting hitched after just three months with an unknown man.

But it sounds like Brendan's history is enough to give even Miranda's most diehard fans pause.

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