Bow Wow Arrest Report: Kiyomi Leslie Bit, Hit And Spit On Rapper!!

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Shad "Bow Wow" Moss and his GF had a ridiculous brawl after a night of partying, leaving them both behind bars. 

Leslie Holden (also known as Kiyomi Leslie), Bow Wow's longtime on-and-off again girlfriend, called Atlanta Police Department around 4 am Saturday to report Bow Wow for assault

According to TMZ, she told officers that "the whole fight started when they got home from a party," and claimed that Bow Wow was pissed when he saw her talking with another guy. 

Bow Wow and GF

In the police report, Leslie says Bow Wow "hit her in the head, pulled her by the hair, dragged her from her bedroom and told her to get the hell out." 

Bow Wow did admit to being upset about the other guy and told the cops that she had "disrespected him" by being all over another "man's body."

He also says that Leslie called him a "bitch ass n***a" when he brought up her behavior at the party. He reportedly told her to get out and put her bags by the door. 

Bow Wow

And that is when things began to spiral... 

Leslie reacted to Bow Wow's "kick out" by grabbing a floor lamp and throwing it at him.  

He says she missed with the lamp, but in his mugshot, you can visibly see deep scratches all over the rapper's face. 

Bow Wow Poses for Insta

An officer shared that he did see a lamp on the ground when he entered the bedroom and he also noticed red marks on Leslie's fingers, as well as broken fingernails. 


They were BOTH arrested and charged with "battery" following the incident. 

According to police records, the rapper was released on an $8,000 bond. We have no word on whether Leslie has been released yet. 

Bow Wow and ex, Kiyomi Leslie

Police reported that there were "minor visible injuries" to both, and were unable to tell who the primary aggressor was. 

Bow Wow's rep has since issued an in-depth statement describing Leslie as an "out of control intoxicated female" who "beat him with a lamp, bit him on his side, and spit on him while Bow Wow continually made efforts to avoid her."

In addition to the evidence of the scars on Bow Wow's face and the marks on Leslie's fingers, there were also two witnesses who backed up Bow Wow's side of the story, as stated by Starcasm

Bow Wow Poses for Insta

Which the rep says, indicates "that Ms. Holden was simply out of control and was without a doubt the primary aggressor." 

Both of their mugshots have been released and the rapper was the only one with visible damage. 

There is yet to be a statement made from Leslie or her rep.

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta

Their relationship was often documented on the WE TV's reality show Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta

At the time of the altercation, it was believed that the two were not officially together, but "seeing each other again on the down-low," says Starcasm

Can't say they did a great job at keepin' it on the DL. 

Now Bow Wows got some flashy scars to go along with an embarrassing and violent police report. 

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