Snoop Dogg to Meghan Markle: Get High With Me, You Fly-Ass Duchess

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Snoop Dogg and Meghan Markle might never enjoy Thanksgiving dinner together, but it looks as though Snoop desperately wants to join her in one of that holiday's proudest traditions.

We're talking of course, about getting high on her nephew's pot.

Snoop and Meghan

Allow us to explain:

As you may have heard, Meghan's nephew, Tyler Dooley, lists his profession as "cannabis farmer."

This works out well for a number of reasons.

For one thing, "Tyler Dooley" sounds like the name of a weed dealer played by Seth Rogen in a '90s high school comedy.

Tyler Dooley

More importantly, Tyler is reportedly making a killing marketing his hilariously-named "Markle Sparkle" strain in states with legal weed.

And he may soon land an endorsement from the Michael Jordan of stoners.

According to Radar Online, Snoop D-O-double-G is very eager to sample Tyler's wares.

Snoop Dogg on The View

One insider tells the site that the rap legend “can’t wait to get stuck into a blunt filled with Meghan weed.”

Either the phrase "stuck into a blunt" is some extremely white source's hilarious attempt at sounding cool, or we're just painfully out of touch. Both scenarios are equally plausible.

Apparently, Snoop's been a fan of the Duchess ever since he learned that she offered weed to her wedding guests when she married Trevor Engelson in Jamaica in 2011.

And on top of that, it seems dude is just a fan of the Windsor clan in general.

Snoop Dogg on a Stage

“Snoop has always been mad on two things: weed and the royals. So Markle Sparkle combines two of his favorite things,” says the source.

“He’s asked his local cannabis dispensary on Hollywood to order him some Markle Sparkle and wants to visit Tyler’s cannabis farm when he’s in Oregon for a smoke,” the insider adds.

“He’s even willing to review the weed for Tyler’s website and promote it if it means he can get a free supply.”

Snoop Dogg on Stage

Of course, Meg has probably chilled on her partying since becoming a royal, but Snoop's dream of smoking a Dutch with the Duchess continues to burn bright.

“One of his biggest fantasies is to smoke up with Meghan herself and tells pals he’s delighted a ‘weed-loving’ gal has joined the ranks of the royals,” says the source.

We're sure that one will have to wait until after Meghan gives birth this spring.

But interestingly, it seems Meg's not the only female member of the Royal Family to catch Snoop's eye in recent months.

The Queen Remembers

The rapper recently revealed that he hopes to one day cook dinner for Queen Elizabeth II.

“As this is The Queen we’re talking about, the only thing that will be going inside these brownies will be chocolate," he joked at the time.

"I don’t want to get banned from the UK again!”

Don't sell QE2 short, Snoop. She's 92 and probably up for anything -- including burning one down with you and Martha Stewart.

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