Robert Kardashian Hired Hitman to Kill Nicole Brown Simpson, Source Claims

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Given the public's renewed fascination with true crime and all things '90s, we suppose it should come as no surprise that the O.J. Simpson case is once again the stuff of tabloid headlines.

There are obvious reasons for this -- Simpson was released from prison in 2017, and the past two years have seen the release of both an award-winning documentary and a popular miniseries about his life and alleged crimes.

O.J. Simpson at Parole

But there are other reasons why we're all so fixated on the trial of the century, as well.

Namely, it's an absolutely bonkers situation in which one of the most celebrated athletes of all time appears to have gotten away with murder with help from the patriarch of one of the world's most famous families.

Yes, as The People vs. OJ Simpson repeatedly reminded us, O.J. was close friends with Robert Kardashian, who helped assemble the legal dream team that earned an acquittal for Simpson.

Robert and O.J.

Kardashian passed away in 2003, but interest in his role in the case -- including allegations that he personally smuggled the murder weapon out of O.J.'s house -- is now at an all time high.

And a new bombshell report from Radar Online is sure to add fuel to that fire:

According to the site, six months before the 1994 double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, Kardashian contacted "a cocaine dealer and career criminal" named Bill Wasz in hopes of hiring Wasz to murder Nicole.

O. J. Simpson

It sounds insane, but so does everything O.J.-related.

And remarkably, Radar's source on this is Wasz himself.

Wasz, now 56, says Kardashian first paid him $1,000 to spy on Nicole, whom O.J. believed to be cheating.

O.J. Simpson Parole Hearing Photo

Wasz says he snapped a photo of Nicole kissing O.J.'s friend -- NFL legend Marcus Allen -- and passed the film along to Kardashian.

“He told me O.J. went ballistic," Wasz tells Radar.

"Robert said, ‘That bitch Nicole is costing O.J. $35,000 a month. She’s the mother of his kids and she’s still [having sex] with everybody. I want her gone, a bullet to the head.’ ”

Robert Kardashian Sr. Tribute

Wasz claims that Kardashian proceeded to offer him $15,000 to take part in a bizarre murder plot.

Radar claims to have obtained authenticated 1998 emails from Wasz's lawyer, Rober Longo, which detailed the plan four years after the fact:

“On about January 14 Bill Wasz met Robert Kardashian at his Encino home," the email reads.

Khloe Kardashian and Robert Kardashian, Throwback

"At this meeting, Kardashian offered Wasz $15,000 if he would kill Nicole with a .25 caliber bullet to the head. Robert Kardashian also told Wasz he was to steal [O.J.’s then-lover] Paula Barbieri’s car and use it during the murder.”

Longo also claimed that Kardashian gave Wasz $7,500 “which was to be a partial payment for the killing.”

All was going according to plan until Wasz got cold feet.

O.J. Simpson Tells All, 2006

Fearing Kardashian would blow the whistle, he stole the SUV, but never went through with the murder.

Wasz was arrested for the theft, and inside the car, officers found a notebook detailing his surveillance of Nicole.

“There’s no reason for him to steal that car, except as part of a plan for something else," Longo says of the incident.

Orenthal J.

According to police documents, Wasz was asked during an interrogation if he was acquainted with Kardashian.

"Mr. Wasz advised the detectives to look into the background of Mr. Kardashian as he is not all that clean," the documents read.

Like we said -- crazy stuff. But this is O.J. we're talking about.

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