Mike Sorrentino: Prison Release Date FINALLY Revealed!

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As you've likely heard by now, Mike Sorrentino began his prison sentence earlier this week.

Back in January of 2018, Sorrentino pled guilty to charges that he had failed to pay taxes on more than $9 million in earnings. 


Sorrentino was sentenced to eight months behind bars, and today, Radar Online has confirmed that his release date is scheduled for September 13 of this year.

Of course, prison release dates are rarely set in stone, particularly when the inmate in question is a celebrity who seems to have truly dedicated himself to rehabilitation and self-improvement in the months prior to his sentence.

Federal prison consultant Dan Wise confirms that The Sitch will likely be sprung well ahead of schedule.

Mike Sorrentino and Wife

But that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be permitted to head straight home:

“On such a short sentence of 8 months they will send him to a halfway house for two to three months at the end,” Wise claims.

“Because of who he is, he may even get home confinement.”

The Situation Is Sober

Yes, Mike is likely to serve a shorter sentence largely because he's famous.

That's not to say that he's receiving preferential treatment because of his celebrity status (although that could certainly be the case).

The reasons why a parole board might prefer to grant Sorrentino an early release have more to do with the fact that celebrities are thought to be risky distractions by prison officials.


If anything should happen to Mike, a lot of people who prefer to keep low profiles would suddenly find themselves making national headlines.

Add that to the fact that Sorrentino's sobriety and philanthropic work has been well-documented by MTV camera crews, and it's not hard to see why Mike might be a prime candidate for early release.

All he has to do now is keep is nose clean and serve his time quietly.

The Situation and Lauren Pesce

According to Sorrentino's wife, Lauren Pesce, that's exactly what he's been doing.

Pesce tweeted an update to fans from Mike's account earlier this week:

“Mike would like to thank all of his fans worldwide for the unbelievable outpouring of love & support,” she wrote.

Lauren Pesce, The Situation

“We speak everyday & he’s doing great.

He’s received thousands of letters, he won’t be able to respond to everyone but wanted to express his gratitude to each and every one of you," Lauren added.

"Thank you from the both of us; it is truly heartwarming to have this support during this time.”

Here's hoping Mike's time on the inside is as brief and uneventful as possible.

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