Mike Sorrentino: Final Moments Before Prison Revealed In Moving Video

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As you've likely heard by now, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino reported to prison last week to begin serving an eight-month sentence for tax fraud.

The Jersey Shore star has been candid with fans throughout the messy legal battle that led to his imprisonment, and today, he shared what may be his most intimate moment yet.

The video above was posted on Mike's new YouTube channel by his wife, Lauren Pesce.

In it, we see the bittersweet moments as Mike and Lauren make the trip to Otisville Correctional Facility in the company of a camera crew.

While both are clearly pained by the prospect of spending eight months apart, Mike says he's "happy to put this behind me," a process that must, by necessity, begin with turning himself over to the authorities.

Mike Sorrentino and Wife

Mike's eagerness to get his sentence underway so that he can get it over with is quite understandable.

After all, the allegations have been hanging over his head for the better part of two years.

While he had hoped to avoid prison time with a plea deal, Mike has been bracing himself for the possibility of a harsh sentence since entering his plea in January of 2018.

The Honeymoon Situation

The video posted by Lauren today shows Mike sharing his final thoughts on the challenging months ahead.

"The day before was the only day I felt a little bit of anxiety," he shared.

Mike added, however, that he feels "you can't show weakness in such a situation" -- an attitude that will serve him well during his time on the inside.

The Situation Is Sober

A well-known lover of cuisine both high and low, Mike paid one last visit to his beloved Starbucks before resigning himself to eight months of state-issued eats.

In a clever nod to the classic film Goodfellas, Mike's final words to the camera were "now take me to jail."

If only the Sitch were free to enjoy the kind of food that Henry Hill and his mob buddies cooked up behind bars.

Our thoughts go out to Big Daddy Sitch and his devoted wife during this difficult time.

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