Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton: Behind the Scenes of Their Stunning Reconciliation

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New year.

New start for Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

At least this is what a new tabloid report would like us to believe.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Strolling

As you no doubt have read all about by now, Markle and Middleton have allegedly been at odds for several months.

Especially toward the end of 2018, there seemed to be a new story nearly everyday about how Markle is rude or spoiled or even somehow too American for Middleton to deal with.

With this feud having become so public, higher-ups at Kensington Palace basically formed Kate and Meghan to spend the holidays together at Sandringham House in Norfolk, England, with cameras capturing every moment between the Duchesses on the way to church Christmas morning.

We've been studying the expressions on their faces in these photos for days now:

But we need not do so any longer, Us Weekly alleges.

The magazine has spoken to multiple Royal Sources who say Kate and Meghan aired their grievances with one another late last month, Festivus style.

For example, “Kate opened up about feeling like Meghan had used her to climb the royal ladder,” this insider tells the publication, adding:

"Being under the same roof meant that they couldn’t avoid each other."

It really is easier to just sit and talk face-to-face sometimes, instead of relying on second or third hand connections to get your message across.

Megs and Kates

Moreover, Us Weekly writes that Queen Elizabeth II was closely involved in the reconciliation between these two strong-minded women.

“She’d reached her limit with all the drama,” the source explains. “She desperately wanted Meghan and Kate to make up and she got her wish!”

The basis for this supposed rivalry has never really been made clear.

But it all reportedly started shortly before Markle married Prince Harry, back when Middleton was trying on dresses for the wedding and Markle actually made her cry.

Kate was pregnant at the time and was having some trouble fitting into her gown, the story goes.

We're really not sure if believe it, however.

Look at Us! BFFs!

Other outlets have said it all comes back to Markle's spoiled attitude, pointing to all the staffers that have resigned and claiming she treats people poorly because she's some famous Hollywood celebrities and think she's more important than almost anyone else.

This also seems a little hard to believe.

Still, some kind of tension appears to exist between the in-laws.

How else to explain Markle and Prince Harry's decision to move from London to Windsor, which is further away from Kate and Prince William’s home in Kensington Palace?

This relationship remains one to keep an eye on and you better believe we'll be doing so here at The Hollywood Gossip!

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