Larissa Dos Santos Lima: Charged with Domestic Violence for Alleged Attack Against Husband

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It's official:

Larissa Dos Santos Lima is facing a domestic violence charge for allegedly attacking husband Colt Johnson last week.

The criminal complaint - which comes on the heels of an ugly and well-publicized fight between the 90 Day Fiance stars - states that Larissa "did willfully and unlawfully use force or violence against or upon the person of her spouse."

Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt

TMZ has obtained the complaint and was the first website to publish this excerpt from it.

The charge is a misdemeanor and was filed Wednesday in Vegas.

As we've documented in detail, Larissa was taken into custody very early last Friday morning after some sort of confrontation with Johnson that resulted in his bloody lip.

Larissa also shared a number of photos online that allegedly depicted what Johnson had done to her face -- but police on the scene determined these wounds (such as the one below) were self-inflicted.

Just hours after his wife was arrested, Johnson filed for divorce.

Larissa and Colt's bloody fight 13

We've seen reported on how Colt is trying to expediate this process, telling a judge he doesn't want spousal support and that the couple owned no joint property...

... and that he basically wants to be done with Larissa as quickly as legally possible.

The TLC personalities had made plenty of headlines together long before this unfortunate incident.

Late last year, Johnson admitted to having cheated on his wife; while Larissa was also arrested on a domestic battery charge in November, although it was eventually dropped.

In this latest instance, Johnson told cops Larissa became enraged after learning he subscribed to an adult entertainment website.

She accused him of cheating again. 

According to the police report, Colt said Larissa had downed half a bottle of antidepressants and was suicidal.

For her part, Larissa alleged that Colt was the aggressor, scratching her in the face and on her torso.

However, cops investigated both sides and believed that Johnson was telling the truth; hence the arrest last Friday around 5 a.m.

In the days since this violent back-and-forth, both Colt and Larissa have posted messages on Instagram.

The former explained to followers how he simply doesn't understand Dos Santos Lima and said he has paid for absolutely everything on her behalf since she moved to America.

Here is a snippet of what he wrote online after filing for divorce:

Colt Doesn't Understand Larissa

Larissa, meanwhile, tried to start a GoFundMe account so that fans could help pay for her split and her "new life."

But those behind this fundraising service took down her page for some reason.

"Thank you all who donated on my go fund me campaign. I raised the money I need! When I feel better I will make a video to thank you and I will mention every single donor," she wrote on Instagram on Saturday, sharing that she had a court date for Febriary 12.

This is what she had previously written about the situation on her social media account:

Larissa explains GoFundMe shutdown

Johnson and Dos Santos Lima married last June after meeting on an online dating website.

He proposed after a mere 11 days together, after which she moved (from Brazil) to Las Vegas to be with him.

Their relationship was documented on season six of 90 Day Fiance, the reality program that follows couples who have applied for or received a K-1 visa available to foreign fiances of US citizens.

They then have 90 days to decide to marry before the visa expires and the foreign half must leave the nation.

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