Kenya Moore Turns 48, Flaunts Post-Baby Body in Sizzling Bikini

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In November, just three weeks after her C-section, Kenya Moore showed off her post-baby body.

Thursday was her 48th birthday, and Kenya marked the occasion by flexing on everyone.

She is rocking a white bikini, showing off her flawless post-baby body. And she's showing off her baby, too.

Kenya Moore with B Necklace

Happy Birthday, Kenya Moore!

On Thursday, January 24, Kenya turned 48 years old.

To mark the occassion, she shared a mind-blowing glimpse of her body in a bright white bikini.

The Beach photo shows her in the white top and matching cutout bikini bottoms.

Her right arm is holding her hair in place.

In her left arm, she's holding her 2-month-old baby, Brooklyn.

Kenya Moore Flaunts Post-Baby Bikini Body on Birthday

Kenya looks absolutely, jaw-droppingly incredible.

We don't just mean that she looks good for her age, though very few 48-year-olds have a body as rocking as hers.

Very few people have a body that good, period.

We also don't simply mean that Kenya looks good for a woman who got cut open two months ago so that doctors could remove a baby.

But she did very much have a C-section in November after suffering from severe preeclampsia.

She looks so good, period.

Kenya Moore Hand with Baby Hand

When it comes to having the body that you want, money trumps almost everything else.

Kenya and her husband, Marc Daly, are fortunate enough to be people of means.

This means that Kenya was able to afford firstrate prenatal care, the emergency C-section, and then care afterwards.

It also means that wealth (and the ability to afford childcare) gave Kenya the free time to exercise to recover her pre-baby body.

The vast majority of mothers cannot "bounce back" from delivering a baby like this.

This is especially true for women in their later 40s.

Kenya Moore, Post-Baby Body

Thursday's birthday bikini pic was not the first time that Kenya flexed on her followers.

Just weeks after her C-section, Kenya shared mirror selfies of her body, which was already recovering.

"The SnapBack is real! LOL,” Kenya captioned the photos.

“I still can’t work out yet but I feel much better," she shared.

Kenya Moore, Three Weeks After Giving Birth

"I was cut twice during my 3 hr C-section," she wrote. "But I made it!"

"I’ve always been healthy and worked out my entire life," Kenya noted. "Whatever my body will do I’m not rushing it."

"It feels good to start to feel myself again," she gushed.

Kenya concluded: "#brooklyndaly is worth every battle scar!"

Brooklyn certainly is.

Kenya Moore and Husband

Brooklyn is Kenya's first child. She waited all of her life for the right man, and finally found Marc Daly.

Her secret marriage earned her the ire of The Real Housewives of Atlanta producers and may have ultimately been a factor in costing her her peach.

But she knew what she wanted in her life and had her priorities in order.

Kenya also knew that she was taking serious risks with a pregnancy at her age, but she went with it.

We are so, so glad and grateful that both Kenya and Brooklyn made it through that risky pregnancy and are both doing so well.

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