Jenelle Evans: Did She REALLY Quit Teen Mom 2?!

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At this point, just about every star in the Teen Mom franchise has threatened to quit the show over clashes with producers and/or fans.

Thus far, none of the moms has actually made good on her threats.

Jenelle Evans is Sad

That's not surprising, as it's easier to talk about walking away from a cushy six-figure gig than it is to actually do it.

These days, Jenelle Evans is threatening to quit, and she may be the first to actually cut ties with the show by choice.

After all, no cast member has ever generated nearly as much controversy -- or attracted as much negative attention -- as Jenelle.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in December

In a new trailer for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle engages in a heated discussion with her mother, Barbara Evans.

(Most of Jenelle's conversations are with Barbara this season, as her husband, David Eason, was fired from the show, and she's not on speaking terms with her most recent ex, Nathan Griffith.)

“This will probably be my last season,” a tearful Jenelle tells her mom in the clip below.

“Stay the f--k away from me, because I’m done," she adds, in case anyone doubted her sincerity.

Jenelle certainly sounds like her mind is made up in that clip.

And while we would be somewhat surprised to see her cut off her family's sole source of income (David remains unemployed nearly a year after losing his TV gig.), Jenelle has been signaling that she's fed up with the show for quite some time now.

Jenelle in Leggings

And with all the negative attention she's been drawing to herself lately, stepping away from the spotlight is probably the best thing Jenelle could do.

Well, divorcing David Eason and fleeing with her kids to safety is the best thing Jenelle could do, but lowering her public profile is the second best thing she could do.

There have been so many David and Jenelle scandals in recent months that it's difficult to decide which is the most horrendous.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans: In Love

Obviously, David (allegedly) beating Jenelle and leaving her hospitalized is a strong contender.

But Eason posting terrorist threats on Instagram and being investigated by the Secret Service is pretty f--ked up, as well.

In a perfect world, the decision wouldn't be Jenelle's to make, and MTV would kick her to the curb so as not to continue financing a family of violent bigots.

But since it doesn't seem like that's gonna happen, we'll take Jenelle quitting as a consolation prize.

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