Chris Lopez Claps Back at Kailyn Lowry: I've Always Been a Great Dad!

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Chris Lopez is apparently a fan of Teen Mom 2.

But he's not a fan of what his former lover said this past Monday night on the season premiere of Teen Mom 2.

Chris Lopez as Dad

At one point during the return of this beloved MTV series, Kailyn Lowry was talking to a producer about the father of her third child, Lux.

Kailyn told this producer that she and Lopez were still working on their issues, but that things had been improving of late and that she was glad Chris had "stepped up" in the parenthood department.

This was meant as a compliment.

But Lopez didn't take it that way.

Quoting Kailyn's description of his actions over the past few months, Lopez Tweeted this week that her summary of the situation made him "cringe cause I been the same since he got here."

lopez tweet

Lopez, of course, is referring here to little Lux, who was born in August of 2017.

There was clear tension between Kailyn and Chris at the outset of their son's life, with the former trashing the latter as only being an Instagram parent who never actually spent real time with his child.

Lowry accused Lopez at the time of merely sharing the occasional photo of himself and Lux to make it appear as if he was a constant part of the infant's life.

That was awhile ago, however.

And the Teen Mom 2 premiere was likely filmed awhile ago as well.

Kailyn with Chris

These days, things are going so well between Kailyn and Chris that many people think they're a romantic item.

Heck, they were even spotted acting all cuddly and cute with each other on a red carpet toward the end of 2018.

Around this same time, Lowry told Hollywood Life that she was "seeing someone," although she didn't name any names.

In a separate recently interview, Kailyn also refused to delve into specifics, but she did make it clear that there are no bad feelings between her and Lopez.

“Chris and I are always together even when we’re not together. If that makes any sense," she told Us Weekly on a podcast, adding:

"Don’t be surprised if you see a wedding in the tabloids the next month!"

Kailyn and Her Family

To be clear, Lowry was not saying that a wedding is in the cards.

She's not saying she's engaged or that she's even dating Lopez.

She's merely mocking the celebrity gossip world and how it reacts to any sniff that she and Lopez may be having sex again.

Still, this quote is revealing on some level. No way does Kaiilyn make it shortly after Lux was born, back when she and Chris were on terrible terms.

Chris Lopez and Lux

As for whether Lopez will ever appear on Teen Mom 2 in order to defend himself?

We shouldn't count on it.

“Chris is a huge part of my life and is not interested in being on the show,” Kailyn also told Us Weekly, explaining further:

"I think he kind of feels like it’s my thing. He’s kind of watched [exes] Jo, Javi and other people take advantage of me being on the show and the platform that it brings them.

"And I think that he doesn’t want to be that person.”

That's fair, right?

We are curious to see what happens between Lopez and Lowry going forward, aren't you?

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