Stoney Westmoreland: Andi Mack Star Arrested for Soliciting 13-Year-Old for Sex

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Stoney Westmoreland has appeared on multiple shows, from Scandal to NCIS. These days, he appears on the tween Disney drama, Andi Mack.

At least, he did. He has now been fired.

On Friday, he was arrested for trying to have sex with a 13-year-old child.

Stoney Westmoreland

Stoney Westmoreland is best known for his role as Henry “Ham” Mack on Andi Mack, the grandfather of the titular character.

Unfortunately, it appears that the man himself is considerably less wholesome than the show on which he was a star.

On Friday, he was arrested in Salt Lake City, Utah -- the city where Andi Mack films.

48-year-old Westmoreland had allegedly contacted a person whom he believed to be a 13-year-old.

He reportedly made contact through the use of an app

Court documents describe the app as one specifically "used for dating and meeting people for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity."

He had apparently also sent pornographic images to the very young teen, and attempted to solicit nudes from the 13-year-old.

Stoney Westmoreland Mugshot

Westmoreland has been charged with five third-degree felonies.

His charges are four counts of dealing in materials harmful to a minor and one count of enticing a minor by Internet or text.

"Materials harmful to a minor" is a reference to having sent lewd materials in an effort to excited and seduce the minor.

The charge of enticing is pretty vital, as without it, sexual predators who are caught before attacking their intended victims could weasel out of trouble.

All in all, these charges are pretty sickening.

We assume the the police have solid evidence in this case.

Either way, it looks like Westmoreland's career as a Disney star is over.

Disney Pic

Disney almost immediately announced that Westmoreland had been fired, People confirms.

"Stoney Westmoreland, an actor working on the series ‘Andi Mack,’ was arrested in Salt Lake City today," Disney announced.

"Given the nature of the charges and our responsibility for the welfare of employed minors," the statement says.

Disney continues: "We have released him from his recurring role.

"And," Disney concludes. "He will not be returning to work on the series which wraps production on its third season next week."

Andi Mack Cast

Andi Mack is a widely celebrated series about adolescence and family.

The show rose to fame -- and began winning awards coupled with a hefty ratings surge -- after one storyline in paticular.

Cyrus Goodman is a character played by Joshua Rush, seen in blue holding up the award.

Cyrus' famous coming out storyline really put the series on the map.

For Disney to have a show that tells such an important story for the audience that needs it most -- tweens -- is truly promising.

Middle school-aged LGBTQ+ kids, and also their classmates and peers, need to see these stories play out to have a point of reference.

It is absolutely heartbreaking that such an inspirational television program has to deal with the PR nightmare from Westmoreland's inexcusable actions.

Stoney Westmoreland Photo

We don't know how strong the case against this alleged creep may be.

The only good thing that we can say about this is that some of the language in reports makes it sound like he was never in actual contact with a real 13-year-old.

No middle schooler needs to be chatting with a 48-year-old man, let alone discussing or planning a sexual encounter with him.

This will be a pain for writers -- to write him off the series.

He was, after all, Andi Mack's grandfather (whom she had long believed to be her father -- long story).

But writing a character off of a show is a small thing beside the enormity of the harm that sexual predators can do.

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