Prince William May Have Royally Dissed Meghan Markle on Christmas

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As it turns out, we may have had our eye on the wrong set of eyes this past Christmas morning.

During the Walk Watched and Analyzed Around the World early Tuesday, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton strolled side by side into a church in Sandringham.

It was the first time the public saw the dueling Duchesses out and about together since rumors of their rivalry started to run rampant around the Internet.

Prince William and Dueling Duchesses

Did they talk trash to one another?

Did they air all their grievances?

Did they laugh about all this silly and false chatter?

We don't know, we don't know and we don't know.

You can analyze the facial expressions on both members of the Royal Family during this awkward outing below:

But now we've learned that Kate may have been perfectly cordial to Markle as they strolled toward their destination on Christmas.

Her husband, however? Well...

At one point, according to an Instagram user who filmed an interaction between William and Meghan, the latter attempted to talk to her brother-in-law.

But William was having no part of it.

He "seemingly ignored her [and] tried to fix his scarf," writes OK! Weekly, which adds that "Meghan turned away with a hurt look on her face and she took the hand of her husband, Prince Harry" in response to the diss.


Look at Us! BFFs!

Fans took note of this tension-filled non-exchange and commented on the video mentioned above.

"William does not want to talk with Meghan. He looked at her so strangely (contemptuously). I even felt sorry for Megan," remarked one individual.

Added another:

"It is just sad to see division between them. They have always had each other’s back."

Truth be told, this is not the first time we heard of a rift between William and Meghan.

According to a Daily Mail report in early December, Prince Charles arranged for a gathering at his home about a year ago, during which time William voiced his concerns about his brother marrying Markle.

This allegedly led to a "ghastly row" between the famous quartet of Willam, Harry, Kate and Meghan.

Delighted Duchesses

Elsewhere, there's also been talk that Harry and William are at odds because William has never fulled embraced Harry's wife.

And he's never been shy about this disdain, either.

"Other members of the royal family also expressed their unease about their relationship," said an Entertainment Tonight source a few weeks ago, adding:

"But Harry was steadfast and absolutely besotted with Meghan."

That's good at least.

We're glad Harry is standing up for his better half.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Xmas

The question now is whether the forthcoming Royal Baby will make things better... or worse?

Will it bring everyone togther and make them realize they've been acting petty?

Or will a new life simply stir up more tension and hard feelings between all involved?

Do you know what will tell, readers?

Only time.

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