Lindsey Nicholson to Appear on Teen Mom 2: Is She Replacing a Fired Cast Member?

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If you're a longtime fan of the Teen Mom franchise, you may remember the name Lindsey Nicholson.

Lyndsey was a fan favorite on 16 and Pregnant, but she was passed over for the majors and never made the leap to Teen Mom fame.

Lindsey Nicholson and Baby

Prior to the casting of Briana DeJesus, MTV and Viacom reached out to several former 16 and Pregnant stars.

When they reached their final decision, Lindsey and others, like Mackenzie McKee were left to assume they didn't get the gig.

Now that the network went outside of the franchise to cast Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd on Teen Mom OG, it looks like Lindsey will never get a chance to return to the series full-time.

Lindsey Nicholson and Family

She is, however, scheduled to make an appearance on Teen Mom 2 this season.

Lindsey has remained friends with Kailyn Lowry, and she was on hand for the launch of Lowry's Pothead haircare line last week.

In a recent interview with Radar Online, Lindsey confirmed that the event was filmed for the show.

Lindsey Nicholson and Kailyn Lowry

“We were all there,” she said of Lowry’s Pothead hair care in NYC.

“It was mostly following up on something they’re going to put in Kail’s season.”

The news that Lindsey was once again filming with MTV led to rumors that she would be returning to the franchise, possibly to replace a departing TM2 cast member.

Lindsey Nicholson and Kids

That's not the case, however, which is a shame -- as Lindsey has quite a story to tell.

Nicholson gave birth to twins Jackson and Paisley when she was just 29 weeks pregnant, and the boys spent several weeks in the NICU.

“No one talks about it,” she told Radar.

“It is so hard. My goal in the next few years … I would love to be able to go and speak and share our story.

Lindsey Nicholson Pic

“I was one of the girls they reached out to,” Nicholson explains of her experience with almost getting cast in TM2.

“When they called we weren’t even pregnant. I was working at a dentist office. My life was so boring. 

According to Lindsey, passing her over is the network's loss.

"But they missed out everything we went through with the twins," she says.

Hopefully, we'll get to hear more of Lindsey's story soon.

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