Jana Kramer DESTROYS Trolls Who Shamed Her Post-Baby Body

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At the end of November, actress Jana Kramer welcomed her rainbow baby -- her first child following a miscarriage.

The mother of two shared a photo of herself in form-fitting clothing, and trolls piled on with hate and body-shaming.

Now, Jana is replying with some tough words of her own.

Jana Kramer Talks About Anxiety

"A few things," Jana writes on Instagram. "Because honestly I’m so frustrated and I need to vent this."

She attached her caption to a cropped mirror selfie of her and her post-baby body, an image that you are about to see.

"I wanted to post this photo (showing my stomach)," she says. "Because I wanted to show my journey back to healthy."

"And my goodness," she continues. "I’m so glad I didn’t which is why this photo is now cropped,”

“It’s amazing the comments," she marvels. "And how rude some people be."

Jana Kramer, Post-Baby Selfie

"No I didn’t get a tummy tuck, no I don’t have a personal chef, no I don’t have fortunes so I didn’t train everyday,” she says.

She correctly points out that a lot of the standard ways that people lose weight rapidly come through wealth.

However, some are blessed with genetics that make them 'bounce back" from pregnancy a little faster than others.

“Yes I had a c section," she affirms. "Yes I am still in pain and on meds but I do have a high pain tolerance."

"I have had 3 stomach surgeries before this (appendix, gallbladder, and c section)," she notes.

"In that photo," she says. "I had on a belly bandit wrapped tightly, and high waisted pants."

"And wow," she says. "Here I am defending myself. Why?!!"

Jana Kramer and Family

Jana writes that if she had "posted the photo of my actual stomach in this photo I would have probably been shamed too."

Sadly, she is absolutely right. People are vile.

"Why do we women have to compare ourselves to each other and then shame?” she openly wonders.

“Our bodies are all beautiful and created differently, they heal different, they react different," she notes.

Jana continues, writing: "they simply look different."

They sure do.

Jana Kramer Baby Photo

"Why do we need to shame someone for not looking a certain way?" she asks.

The answer is complicated, but part of the answer comes down to how women are socialized to be filled with undeserved self-loathing.

Another important part is that the illusion of anonymity and the ability to instantly reply emboldens some humans to be cruel online.

"Or," Jana continues. "Feel bad about ourselves for looking a certain way?"

"Can we be kinder to ourselves," she asks. "And know that every woman has a different journey but yet we are all beautiful?"

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer Smile

"Can we lift someone up," Jana asks. "But not tear yourself down in the process with comparing?"

It is absolutely possible!

"Let’s give that a try,” Jana suggests.

“I love y’all," she concludes, adding that she is going to get "back to my baby."

It sounds like she has the right priorities.

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer in 2015

Jana welcomed her rainbow baby, Jace, into the world on November 29.

"Jace. My sweet baby boy," she wrote at the time. "When I found out Jace meant ‘healing’ I knew right then that was his name."

It's a great name, especially if you hope that your child will grow up to be a love interest in a Young Adult novel.

"He has been every bit of healing since I found out we were being blessed with another baby," she gushed. "I love you so much baby boy."

"Welcome to the world Jace Joseph Caussin," she said. "Our hearts are so full."

She concluded: "Thank you to all our friends and family and all of you who have supported Mike and I and our growing family."

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