Henry Levy and Demi Lovato: Spotted! Making Out! Big Time!

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Demi Lovato may no longer be putting drugs or alcohol in her mouth.

But the beloved singer was spotted over the weekend with something else between her lips:

The tongue of sober compansion Henry Levy.

Demi Lovato is Blonde-ish

Per E! News, the 26-year-old artist and the 27-year-old clothing designer were photographed kissing on the lips outside the Nobu sushi restaurant in Malibu just this past weekend.

The intense game of tonsil hockey took place about a month after reports first surfaced of a romance between Lovato and Levy.

According to this same new report, the likely couple also held hands as they walked to their vehicle during evening night out on the town.

Neither Lovato nor Levy has commented on the nature of their relationship just yet. But multiple sources have said the latter has been helping the latter get sober and remain sober.

Earlier this year, of course, Lovato nearly died after an overdose.

Demi Lovato Does Jiu-Jitsu

She has been on the wagon for about six years prior to this tragic mishap and she entered a rehab program shortly after being recovering in a hospital for several days.

"Demi wants to be around people who are like-minded and Henry is good energy for her," an E! insider had said, adding:

"They spend a huge amount of time together but Demi is not focused on dating. Demi is very focused on her health."

The pair were first seen together outside a different sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills in early November, at which time fans grew concerned about Levy's presence in Lovato's life.

Demi Votes


Because Levy is also a recovering addict.

He has been in rehab on multiple occasions himself, dating back to when he was 15 years old.

However, Levy has been clean for over a year and this is how it often works when someone is attempting to kick a drug and/or alcohol habit.

They team up with someone else who has been through similar obstacles in his or her past because this person can relate like no one else really could.

Does this mean it's a good idea to start up a romantic entanglement with that individual?

That's a different and fair question.

Demi Lovato in Shades

But Demi does seem as if she's in a better place these days.

She has made a return to Instagram, for example, writing on November 6 that she was "grateful" to be home in time to vote in the midterm election...

... and then sharing one of the photos above of her "sweaty messy jiu jitsu hair."

It's unknown when Lovato will release new music, but such a concern is secondary these days.

We all just want to see Demi get better.

"She is taking it slowly and getting back to life one day at a time," a second E! source says, concluding:

"She's not rushing to figure out where she's going to live permanently."

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