Farrah Abraham: Check Out My Brand New Boob Job!

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So Farrah Abraham, just in case you couldn't tell, has had some plastic surgery done.

You know, just a little bit here and there.

I'm Coming Back!

Huh, what's that?

She looks like an entirely different human being than she did less than 10 years ago?

She's had so much work done that it's a wonder her parents even recognize her?


Farrah Abraham at 2018 VMAs

Yeah, OK, so our girl here is no stranger to plastic surgery, that's true.

She's had a nose job, a chin implant (which she later removed), and several vaginal rejuvenations.

She's had some kind of procedure meant to tighten her backside, as well as plenty of butt injections.

And who could even begin to count all the lip injections, Botox, and fillers?

Farrah Abraham Dressed Like a Magician

No one without infinite time on their hands, that's who.

On top of all that, Farrah has had not one, not two, but three boob jobs.

She hasn't messed with them for a few years, but just in time for Christmas, she's gone and done something new!

Check it out, but don't say we didn't warn you:

Farrah Abraham's New Boob Surgery

That's a screenshot from a Snapchat video she shared yesterday evening from a clinic in Beverly Hills.

Pretty wild, right?

"Hey ladies," she said in the video. "I've been wanting to do this for a really long time, scar camouflage, after my surgeries."

"A surgery, then we're all done. It is like natural and brand new."

Farrah Abraham, Weight Loss Lollipop

The point of the scar camouflage, of course, is to cover up the scars she got in her previous boob jobs.

It's interesting though, because she's calling this a surgery, but from what we can tell, this procedure is really more of a kind of tattooing.

According to her clinic's site, "A unique pigment is created for and matched to each patient based on their natural skin color."

"Scars begin to blend with the rest of the skin after several sessions."

Farrah Abraham Fired

They also work with burn victims and other trauma survivors, they cover up birthmarks and stretch marks, and they even do work with people who need breast reconstruction after mastectomies.

But all throughout their site, they refer to the "treatments" and "procedures" they offer.

It's not surgery.

So is Farrah just confused?

Farrah Abraham Rolls Her Eyes, Deep in Thought

(Well, she's always confused, but is she using the wrong word in this specific instance?)

Is she getting another surgery somewhere?

Could she just be looking for any chance to show off her chest on social media?

Hey, maybe all of the above is true!

There really is no telling when it comes to Farrah, is there?

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