Demi Lovato Vows to "Never Take Another Day for Granted"

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Demi Lovato is reaydy to move on from the most challenging year of her life.

This may be saying a lot for someone who battled substance abuse and an eating disorder for most of her time as a teenager...

... but the singer nearly died of an overdose in July 2018.

Demi Lovato Sleeps

So, really, we don't feel like it's that bold of a claim overall.

Just a few hours before the clock struck midnight and the calendar flipped to 2019, Lovato shared a heartfelt message on social media.

It didn't message the aforementioned overdose specifically, but it was clear what was on Demi's mind when she wrote the following words:

So grateful for the lessons I've learned this year. I will never take another day in life for granted, even the bad ones.

Thankful for my fans, friends, family and everyone who supported me throughout this year. God bless.

lovato message

Lovato admitted to fans via a verse in a new song this past March that she had fallen off the wagon.

She asked for their forgiveness and she seemed legitimately torn up by what had transpired.

But just a few months later, what many followers and loved ones had feared for awhile finally came to tragic fruition:

The artist was found unconscious by an employee in her bed.

This employee called 911 and paramedics had to administer a special dose of medication to Lovato in order to revive her. She was minutes away from dying.

Demi Lovato on Christmas

Whiile reports have not been finalized or confirmed, it is strongly believed at this point that Lovato had completed a night out with friends and returned to her Hollywood Hills home very early in the morning.

She then called her drug dealer.

He arrived at her residence and provided her with OxyContin, allegedly laced with fentanyl, which the superstar reportedly free-based. 

She may have been unaware at the time that the dose was tainted.

Still, the result is all that matters, as Lovato was rushed to the hospital and eventually enrolled in a new rehab program after several weeks under doctors' supervision.

Demi Lovato is Blonde-ish

The singer has been free from this facility for a couple months now and recently took to Twitter in order to shoot down reports of a relapse.

"I love my fans and hate tabloids," she wrote last week, emphasizing this message to those who care about her:

"Don't believe what you read. People will literally make up stuff to sell a story. Sickening."

Concluded Lovato: "If I feel like the world needs to know something, I will tell them MYSELF."

Very well said, Demi.

We continue to send you our best wishes for a terrific 2019 and beyond. Hang in there.

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