Aaron Carter Announces Girlfriend's Pregnancy, Then Denies It

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More than a year ago, Aaron Carter emerged from rehab and took further steps to turn his life around.

Now, he's happier and healthier than he's been in years, and even seemed to announce that he and his girlfriend are expecting their first child.

Curiously, he is now walking back that apparent announcement.

Aaron Carter and Lina Valentina

Aaron Carter spoke to E! News in an effort to clear up a misconception.

"A few weeks ago," Aaron says. "I posted something on social media about hoping to have a child soon."

As you'll see, he actually posted several things, and they sounded like much more than hope.

"And it seems," Aaron continues. "That started some rumors." 

"I am looking forward to becoming a dad," Aaron affirms.

"But," he says. "Am not expecting a child right now."


Aaron Carter With Lina Valentina

Aaron has been gushing about his lady love, Lina Valentina, for months.

"This woman is the most loving compassionate kind understanding human being I’ve ever met," he wrote on Instagram.

"I WILL marry you baby," he declared.

"And," he wrote. "We WILL have our daughter."

That sounds a whole heck of a lot like a pregnancy announcement, so we understand why fans believed that it was.

"Just bought a house to start our lives together and have OUR family," Aaron continued.

He tagged his post: "#Family #Goals #accomplished"

Aaron Carter with Meat

"We’re ready," Aaron continued on Instagram. "Are you?"

"I just sat here for two hours straight watching my woman paint me my favorite ninja turtle," Aaron bragged.

He does not specify which Ninja Turtle is his favorite, though his love for the franchise has been well-documented over the years.

(We will note that, in 2014, he begges his fans to stop getting him "Ninja Turtle s--t," claiming that he no longer liked it)

"She’s so f--king talented it’s ridiculous," Aaron gushed.

"I’m in love," he concluded. "And I couldn’t be happier."

Aaron Carter tweets, teases engagement and pregnancy

Then, on Twitter, when a fan asked if Aaron was letting the haters get to him, he replied.

"They’re not," Aaron wrote. "I’m in such an amazing place mentally, physically & emotionally."

"I finally bought my first home," he announced.

"And," he teased. "I’m going to be proposing soon to my gf."

That sounds so sweet.

"And," he concluded. "We might just be expecting..."

That really, really looks like he's teasing a pregnancy announcement.

Aaron Carter Weight Gain

Aaron's health, mentally and emotionally, has dramatically improved over the past year or so.

But he has taken to social media to point out that some people seem almost bored by this.

"My last two singles broke top 40 at ready," Aaron said.

"No one wants to talk about that though," he lamented.

To Aaron, it seems like "they'd rather see me broke on drugs and failing at life."

"Good thing I turned all that around," he affirmed.

Aaron Carter, Gray Sweats

Aaron has had a difficult life, despite his fame.

Mental and physical health struggles have impacted his career and put him in debt -- and even caused fans to fear for his life.

Child stardom is not easy, and finding a way to make a career as an adult can also be a challenge.

We are so glad to hear that he is happier and healthier now than he has been.

We wish Aaron all of the best.

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