The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Who Called Eva Marcille a Liar?

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Eva Marcille is still getting acclimated with what the world of reality TV entails, and Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta threw her straight into the deep end. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you know that Eva has been quick to pass judgment on her fellow co-stars, but she draws the line about talking smack when she's in the presence of the person she's talking about. 

Eva Marcille Promotes Real Housewives of Atlanta

Instead, she trash talks the others to their friends and seems to think it won't get back to them. Maybe she doesn't know how reality TV works, but we think it's fair to say she got schooled on the latest episode. 

Cynthia Bailey hosted a "Bailey-cue," and all the ladies were invited and were even allowed to bring along a plus one to the event. 

That thought was lost on Porsha Williams who brought not one, but two guests with her. Shamea was one of those guests, and Eva wasted no time in confirming she did not approve of Shamea.

"Cynthia's directive was to bring a plus one," Eva revealed in a confessional. "But no, [Porsha] brings Lauren and...and..."

Porsha Williams Promotes RHOA

Yes, we're pretty sure Eva did not forget Shamea's name. It was her way of showing that she could not even say the name without getting annoyed. 

Eva was in for quite the surprise because Porsha had already told Shamea all about the comments. Awkward, right?

Shamea was not impressed, but also didn't really care about anything Eva said. 

At Cynthia's event, she wanted to play a game of Pass the Peach with the ladies, and it was evident she was asked to do so by the producers to stir up some controversy.

"The person with the peach either answers the question or passes the peach to the person that they think the question is about." 

NeNe Leakes Looking Repentant

"Who do you think in this group needs a makeover?," Nene said after landing the first question. But the peach made its way to Shamari DeVoe. 

"No shade, I'm gonna pass the peach," complained Eva.

Marlo Hampton then brought out the next question which was the best of the night. 

"Who's a big liar?" Marlo said of the question before answering:

"From the past, I would say Porsha. For the future, I would say Eva."

"Pause! Pause, pause, pause, pause, pause," Eva yelled as she stood up. "Why exactly are we a liar?"

Marlo Hampton

Marlo was put on the spot and said that she felt like she needed to get to know Eva. For Eva, this was a backstab, and she claimed that she and Marlo had known each other for years. 

"But you're definitely extra, and sometimes, you're extra when it's not appropriate," Eva said in response. Marlo fired back, "Well, it's not appropriate to be basic. You're basic, darling."


"I know of Marlo, and I've seen Marlo multiple times at different events," Eva said in a confessional.

"How I lie? I have no idea, but what I do lie is on my bed, comfortably, next to my man. I'm sorry, where do you lie, Marlo? Next to who? Silence? Okay."

As if that was not bad enough, Kandi Burruss chimed in and threw Eva under the bus. 

Kandi Burruss at 2017 Grammy Awards

"I love you, Eva, but I'm about to give you that peach," the Xscape singer said. "The other day, you shaded the hell out of Shamea, and now you fixin' bean dip today."

"Cynthia invited us to the lake and asked us to bring a friend," Eva screamed. "So my first question to Porsha was, 'What friend are you bringing?'"

"I'm sorry, but you were fired up about her," Porsha butted in. "You were going in, girl."

"I'm sorry, but what's wrong with that?" Eva said in defense. "The point is, after Love and Light, there was still shade. The interviewer asked a question about you, and I responded."

That was enough for Shamea to actually respond to everything Eva said about her. 

"It doesn't matter! People ask me questions about you after Love and Light, and I'm cool on that."

Eva Marcille Picture

"Where?! When?! How?! And it publishes on what?!" Eva fired back.

"I heard from someone that you were telling people that I paid Will to date me," said Cynthia who wanted to throw Eva right under that bus. 

"What I told you was what I knew to be facts," Eva responded, adding:

"I don't know that to be true."

"I don't know if Eva is a liar, but it seems that she's getting a little caught up now," NeNe said in a confessional. "It's looking a little stupid."

Okay, what are your thoughts on Eva?

Is she a villain or is she trying to get some screen time?

Hit the comments below. 

RHOA continues Sundays on Bravo. 

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