Kourtney Kardashian: I'm Cashing In on My Kids Like Kris Cashed In on Me!

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Now that it looks like Kourtney Kardashian is finally accepting Sofia Richie, she and Scott can more effectively co-parent.

It looks like Kourtney has plans for their eight-year-old son, Mason.

A report says that she is grooming him for an eventual debut in the entertainment industry.

Kourtney Kardashian, Twisted Selfie

RadarOnline reports that Kourtney is grooming eight-year-old Mason Disick for a famous future.

"She’s putting him through dance and drama classes," the insider reports.

The source continues, saying that Kourt also has Mason taking "acting lessons, and even etiquette lessons."

Apparently she is doing this "to ensure he’s as refined and cool as possible," according to the insider.

And all of this, the source says, is to prepare him for "when he makes his Hollywood debut."

Mason Disick on a Jet

The report continues, shedding light on Mason's developing character.

"Mason’s a huge mamma’s boy," the insider reveals.

We worry about any eight-year-old boy who isn't.

"And," the source dishes. "It’s Kourtney who’s driving this."

So, per this report, it's not like Mason is begging for drama lessons.

This is something that Kourtney wants for her son.

Scott Disick, Dressed Down for Dinner

Kourtney is apparently not the only one making sure that this happens, however.

It's her idea, the insider says, "but she has Scott’s full support."

Hey, that's good to hear.

"And to be fair," the source continues. "He’s even helping with funding."

The insider can't help but add a little commentary, noting: "for a change."

It's great to hear that Scott hasn't abdicated his responsibilities as a parent.

Mason Disick Kissing Penelope

Now, it's possible that Kourtney is preparing the eldest of the next Kardashian generation for reality stardom.

We're sure that his grandmomager, Kris, is delighted.

Networks would be hard-pressed to not give timeslots to these youngest Kardashians when they're older.

(Imagine a show about teen Kardashian cousins -- would it just be called Kousins?)

But Kourtney could also just be preparing Mason for his future as a famous person, even if he just becomes, like, a history professor.

Famous people live under a microscope, so she'll want him to know how to behave on camera as an adult.

Holy Kourtney

There's also an even simpler explanation that has nothing to do with fame.

Mason is an eight-year-old boy.

A lot of parents think that their kids need all sorts of "activities," because a bunch of parenting books said that a couple of decades ago.

Parents are eager to believe that they need to keep their kids doing scheduled activities, because it gives those parents some free time.

Maybe Kourtney is just doing for Mason what so many of our own mothers have done in the past: subjecting him to activities because she thinks he needs them.

Kourtney Kardashian Stares Hard

Some kids thrive when their parents schedule their activities.

Others feel frustrated and resentful that even their "free time" isn't free, and would rather enjoy their childhood while it lasts.

Still, we're sure that Kourtney has Mason's best interests at heart.

She loves her children and they mean the world to her.

And whatever is behind her plans for Mason, she wants to prepare him for the world to the best of her ability.

Though, let's be honest -- that family fortune is the best preparation that there is.

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