Kim Porter: Cause of Death Revealed?

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Just one week before Thanksgiving, Kim Porter died suddenly at 47.

Though an autopsy was conducted, the medical examiner says that her cause of death remains undetermined.

And there's a very good reason for the ME to hold off on making a ruling. ...

Kim Porter Snapshot

Larry Dietz, the Watch Commander at the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, shared that they haven't made an official ruling yet.

"The cause of death was deferred pending additional tests," Dietz tells RadarOnline.

But whatever those additional tests may be, the coroner's office doesn't need to continue holding on to Kim to do them.

"Porter’s body was released from the facility," Dietz confirmed.

Maybe the medical examiner is dotting their Is and crossing their Ts.

Or maybe this is more than medical due diligence, and the ME is following up on a hunch.

Kim Porter with Diddy

Kim Porter died just before noon on November 15.

She was only 47 years old.

On the emergency dispatch call, she was said to be in a state of cardiac arrest.

She was ultimately removed from her home by a coroner's van, not by an ambulance.

In addition, reports say that Kim had been battling pneumonia for weeks prior to her death.

Apparently she was treated with saline and vitamins prior to her death.

Kissing Kim Porter

On Sunday, Diddy held a memorial over this shocking loss.

"Everyone was crying so much," an insider told RadarOnline. "And everyone feels terrible for the kids."

Jessie James and D'Lila are Kim and Diddy's 11-year-old twins.

"They were all seeming in shock but sort of too young to understand what is going on," a source reported.

Diddy and Kim also share a 20-year-old son, Christian, who was probably better able to fully appreciate the situation because he is an adult.

Kim is also survived by her 27-year-old son, Quincy.

Kim Porter and Diddy Image

Did her November 16 autopsy yield results that made the medical examiner suspicious about foul play?

Maybe. Or maybe not.

It seems most likely that they are running a battery of tests to determine why a woman of her age and means died in her home.

In the mean time, we won't have an official cause of death just yet.

Though she lived and died in Toluca Lake, California, she is scheduled to be buried in Columbus, Georgia.

This news is heartbreaking, and we hope that a definitive cause of death will give closure to her loved ones.

Kim Porter Image

Kim Porter's death came as a massive shock to many fans, just as it did to her friends and family.

After it was reported that she had complained of pneumonia in the weeks leading up to her death, some spun a theory.

Thinking on how Serena Williams' difficulty after giving birth and the statistics about medical experts not taking black women seriously ...

... Some on social media wondered if Kim had reported her symptoms but not been taken seriously by the medical community.

If so, that is very serious, but we should reserve judgment until we know that people failed her.

No matter what, this was a terrible tragedy. Our hearts go out to her loved ones.

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