Khloe Kardashian to Kourtney: How Could You Twerk on French Montana?!?

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Khloe Kardashian has enough to deal with these days without worrying about her sister making a move on her ex-boyfriend.

But while Khloe considers her future as a mother and as the live-in girlfriend of a dishonest and overly horny NBA player, she must now also consider what to do with Kourtney Kardashian.

kourt and khlo

As previously detailed, Khloe was shocked to discover this week that her very own sibling got up close and very personal with French Montana at Diddy's birthday party on Sunday night.

For those unaware, French Montana is a rapper.

He dated Khloe back in 2014 and there was even talk at the time that Khloe and Montana were talking marriage and babies and all of that serious stuff.

At a West Hollywood club just a couple days ago, however, “Kourtney and French were on each other,” a witness told Radar Online yesterday, adding of the unexpected flirtation:

"She was twerking on him, he had his hand on her waist and ass and was whispering in her ear all night."

Khloe Kardashian and French

This report seems a little hard to believe because we're pretty sure no one twerks any more.

And also because Kourtney does not seem to be the type of person to betray a loved one in such a manner.

(Yes, Khloe and French broke up a very long time ago, but come on. Be honest. How would you feel if you were Khloe in this situation?)

However, Radar swears this seductive encounter really did take place and that Khloe later confronted Kourtney about it.

“Khloe went in, telling Kourtney she was out of line, disrespectful, and desperate,” a source tells Radar, adding:

“Khloe was beyond hurt. She felt utterly betrayed and was ashamed of Kourt and couldn’t stop screaming."

Kourtney Turns Serious

Khloe, of course, is still with Tristan Thompson, despite all the times he cheated on her.

Kourtney recently split from Younes Bendjima and then Luka Sabbat and is single.

We don't think she's planning to get back together with Scott Disick, but even that awful ex may be a better choice than the former intimate partner of a relative.

And that's saying a lot because we think Disick is a total douche canoe.

Khloe Kardashian on the Insta

As it stands right now, sisters “aren’t speaking,” says this Radar informant, explainign in further detail:

“Khloe’s going through a lot of sh-t in her life and feels Kourt should have known better and have more respect for her and not be hit on her exes.”

That sounds fair to us, even if Kourtney and Montana didn't actually go to bed together or anything.

There's a principle at play here. There are certain, obvious rules about dating and flirting and family.

Will Khloe and Kourtney work through this and come out okay on the other side? Yes, these siblings always do find a way to end up on solid terms.

But the relationship may never be exactly the same and that's too bad.

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