Kailyn Lowry Tells Son-Shaming Troll to "Kiss My A$$"

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Based on a recent Instagram exchange between Kailyn Lowry and someone who wrote on her Instagram page, we have four words for the Teen Mom 2 star:


Kailyn Lowry and Her Sons

The often-maligned mother of three shared a very cute and extremely innocent photo of herself and her three kids on Instagram this past weekend.

"Celebrating Lincoln’s 5th birthday with an Avengers Theme!" Lowry wrote as a caption to the above picture, which features five-year old Lincoln, eight-year old Isaac and one-year old Lux.

It's a rare look at Kailyn and all three of her sons and it's pretty darn adorable, right?

Nope. Wrong, a couple of social media trolls have apparently responded instead.

At least two cruel people out there looked at this precious photo and decided to mock both Kailyn and her youngest for Lux's appearance in it.

"Please cut that kids hair," commented on moron, while another chimed in as follows:

"I agree I do not get it? He would look adorable with a hair cut and no mustache."

Kailyn Lowry haircut

Seriously, this is what some people on the Internet decided to write in response to the picture of a toddler.

We could spend hours and hours and write paragraphs and paragraphs on how insensitive and misguided these trolls obviously are, but Kailyn summed up our feelings in far more succinct terms.

She didn't waste any time in getting to her point by telling these Instagram users what she thought of them.

"Kiss my ass," she simply wrote in response.

To which we say: AMEN!

kiss it!

Lowry often hears it from trolls.

She has mostly learned when to ignore them and when to put them in her place.

And it's very safe to state that anyone who mocks a one-year deserves to be called out for doing so.

Thankfully, in this case, she had a few other readers come to her defense as well.

Wrote someone with the handle "2019dance" in response to someone with the handle "@lisa_velas" for instance:

No, it's the person's fault because they're the ones making assumptions. Girls aren't the only ones that can grow/have long hair. People should check their cultural conditioning.

Kailyn Lowry for Good American

Added "monarch_manis" as part of all this back-and-forth between commenters:

I didn't want to cut my baby boy's hair when he was that age either! It's not hurting anyone. I still have great memories of my little guy's soft curls.

A memory I will cherish forever and never regret. Eventually he got a hair cut but he was my last baby and there is something about us momma bears who aren't ready to let go.

You all look like you were having a great time, are happy and in the end, that is all that matters! @kaillowry Happy Birthday to Lincoln!

Teen Mom 2 viewers have seen Kailyn speak for herself on many occasions, so she didn't necessarily need these fans to jump in.

But we're sure she appreciates it.

With Little Lux

Lowry gave birth to Lux in August of 2017.

She has started to share more and more photos of him on Instagram, along with the occasional photo of herself, Lux and the child's father, Chris Lopez.

This has prompted many to wonder whether she and Lopez are back together.

"F-ck no," Kailyn recently replied when asked that question.

But there has been some evidence to the contrary over the past few weeks. To wit...

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