Chris Brown Keeps Thirsting After Rihanna and Her Fans Won't Have It

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It's no secret that Chris Brown still wants to bang Rihanna.

It's the most relatable thing about him, but her fans are understandably repulsed by the idea.

So when Breezy made his thirst painfully obvious with a series of emoji comments, the internet really let him have it.

Rihanna Goes Topless on Instagram

As if Rihanna didn't already have enough horny stalkers, right?

So, Rihanna is a brand powerhouse -- she's worth about a quarter of a billion dollars.

Her Fenty beauty brand is a natural gift idea for the holidays, so she took to Instagram to promote it.

Rihanna went topless for the mind-shatteringly enticing pics.

Her fans and followers took notice.

Unfortunately, Chris Brown noticed, too, and made multiple comments with the same thirsty emoji.

Rihanna Navy Rebuffs Chris Brown 02

As you can see, fans -- on Instagram, on Twitter, and beyond -- were not amused.

It hasn't even been a decade since Chris Brown pummeled Rihanna's face.

So her stans -- the Rihanna Navy -- are making it clear that she is off limits.

And they are also making it clear that it's disgusting that he would have the audacity to follow her.

Him leaving these thirsty comments is crossing a line.

Rihanna Navy Rebuffs Chris Brown 01

Of course, it seems unlikely that Chris Brown is going to care what other people think.

He always seems to be indignant that people bring up his history of brutal domestic violence.

As far as he is concerned, he's continued to get away with it, so people shouldn't even talk about it.

These comments from Rihanna's fans aren't likely to faze him.

After all, if people simply hating him had any effect on the rapper, he would have collapsed and died long ago under the weight of people's collective ill will.

Instead, he's living his best life while ruining the lives of the women who fall for him.

Chris Brown at Premiere

As much as the world has tried to forget, Rihanna and Chris did reconcile a few years after the horrific incident in 2009.

While that is over, fans cannot help but fear that Chris might succeed in getting back with her.

Those familiar with the cycle of domestic violence know that abusers tend to be excellent at manipulating their victims.

They convince them that things are their fault.

They also convince them that they've changed or grown as people, and that "this time" will be different.

Obviously, "this time" is always the same as before.

The victim then blames themselves for going back and may avoid telling people out of shame. And the cycle continues.

Rihanna in Lingerie

It is the fervent hope of fans that Rihanna will never again allow Chris to darken her doorway.

She is a singer, an actress, a model, and a businesswoman.

She has also been in more relationships in which she's seen a broader spectrum of what romantic partners can be like.

She famously dated Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel, after which a friend of hers remarked that she sometimes simply gets bored of men.

Chris Brown hasn't changed, but Rihanna has grown as a person.

It's great to see people rushing to her defense, however. It's what she deserves.

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