The Walking Dead Recap: Who Died?

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The Walking Dead returned to AMC with a lot of surprises for longtime fans of the series. 

There was a time jump, two deaths, a proposal, blindsides and a whole lot of zombie action. 

The episode kicked off with a cute scene between Judith, Rick, and Michonne, showing that Alexandria really did manage to weather the storm. 

Deadly Stakes in D.C.

It was rising up thanks to the leadership in Rick, but there was a new mission for him and his allies to work on:

They embarked on a trip to Washington D.C. to garner supplies, but these weren't the usual supplies these zombie slayers usually pick up. 

These ones would allow them to create transport that would not really on gas. Instead, they would rely on horses and a whole lot of manpower. 

That's why the gang made their way to the Museum of Natural History because that was the best place to get some equipment to make carriages for the horses. 

TWD art

What followed was a tense scene as the group worked in tandem to get a carriage down a set of stairs and across a large room without making a noise. 

There were walkers right below them, and what made it even scarier was that it was a glass floor separating them. 

In a somewhat predictable chain of events, the ceiling gave way, and Ezekiel fell down. Thankfully there was a bit of rope that kept him dangling just long enough for his pals to save him. 

The first death of the hour came when the group was on the way back with the supplies. Walkers appeared from every direction. 

Ken did not want to see the horse die, so he quickly tried to slice the shackles to save it, but he gave up his own life in the process. 

Maggie Kills Someone

One of the walkers feasted on his arm, and that was the end of him. His mother and father blamed Maggie for taking their son out to find supplies. 

Gregory was on hand to turn them against Maggie because that's what the loser does. He always pops up to cause some drama. 

He successfully managed to get the boy's father to try and murder Maggie as she was doing a midnight patrol around the Hilltop. 

Maggie was saved in the nick of time and went straight for Gregory's place. The villain laughed at the very notion of trying to kill here before attempting to stab her on the spot. 

Maggie overpowered him and decided to call a town meeting. That involved bringing Rick over from Alexandria. 

Lincoln, Andrew

Rick pleaded with Maggie to offer some assistance to the Saviors, but she was against it. If you watch The Walking Dead online, you will recall that she wanted Negan dead, but Rick saved him. 

Maggie offered a deal to Rick:

She will offer food and resources to the Saviors, but they will be the ones to build the bridge and provide most of the labor. 

Maggie then said that she was supposed to be in control of everything and that Rick was still grating on her nerves. 

She had a point, and Rick was genuinely blindsided by it. 

Maggie then executed Gregory, saying that everyone knows there are rules and she will inflict them on people if she so desires. 

Elsewhere, Daryl was freaking out when someone started writing "We are still Negan" on the walls of the Sanctuary. 

Carol on The Walking Dead Season 8

He confronted Rick about not wanting to work there anymore, but Rick said that someone else would have to take his place. 

Carol overheard the conversation and agreed to take over from her friend, so he had a break to get it together. 

We also learned that Carol and Ezekiel's relationship was going from strength to strength. Ezekial even tried to propose marriage to Carol. 

She declined, and we're left to wonder why. 

What did you think of the premiere? 

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