Sunny Johnston: Levi's Wife BLASTS Bristol Palin Over Teen Mom OG Comments!

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At this point, we think it's safe to say that the addition of Bristol Palin to the cast of Teen Mom OG hasn't panned out quite way producers expected.

Bristol was supposed to be a massive ratings magnet, a fact that's evidenced by the fact that despite being a newcomer, she already gets paid more than any of the other moms.

Oh Vey, Right?

But thus far, audiences have proven mostly indifferent to Palin.

There are many theories as to why this might be:

Perhaps too much of the show's target demographic is too young to recall Bristol's rise to fame during the 2012 presidential election.

Or perhaps they simply don't care.

Crying Bristol

Maybe those who said there was no need to tinker with the cast or replace the fired Farrah Abraham were right all along.

Or maybe the show has simply run its course and it's time to call it quits.

Whatever the case, producers are still hoping that the choice to add Bristol to the cast will eventually pan out -- and they're doing everything they can to make that happen.

Bristol Palin as a Teen Mom

On this week's episode, viewers were re-introduced to Palin's first infamous baby daddy, Levi Johnston, and drama ensued immediately.

If you've been watching the show, you know that Bristol has talked a mountain of trash about Levi in her first few episodes.

Bristol has described her relationship with Levi as "rocky" and accused her ex of not being a "solid" father figure in the life of their 9-year-old son, Tripp.

She even claimed that Levi never watched Tripp overnight until the boy was 4 years old.

Crying Bristol

Now, Levi's current wife, Sunny Johnston, is coming to her husband's defense in a major way.

Johnston says that while Bristol is technically correct in her claim that Tripp never spent the night in his first years, she claims Palin is leaving out one important detail:

The boy never spent the night with Johnston because Palin allegedly wouldn't let him.

Levi Johnston and Sunny Oglesby Wedding Photo

“I asked Levi, he said that right after Tripp was born for a while. And then he wasn’t allowed to have him overnight," Sunny wrote on Instagram following this week's episode.

"Then when they were engaged when Tripp was one-and-a-half [he] had a few weeks of overnights,” she added.

“As long as I’ve been in the picture: Levi was never allowed to have Tripp overnight until the court ordered it when he was around three despite trying to be there for all the years prior.”

Levi Johnston and Sunny Oglesby Pic

One fan asked Johnston if she gets along with Bristol, and Levi's bride was refreshingly candid in her response:

“Okay I’ve gotten this a lot so I’m going to answer," Sunny wrote.

"Honestly, I never know what to expect so that’s hard to answer. I just pray for Levi and her to always keep striving to have a better co-parenting relationship for Tripp.

Sunny Oglesby, Levi Johnston

“It’s never her and I unless I’m alone with Tripp,” Johnston added.

“Always Levi and her, and every once in a while through a group text about Tripp.”

So it sounds like we may be in for serious conflict between Bristol and Sunny.

At this point, that's about the only thing that could save Bristol's career as a reality star.

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