Rob Kardashian: Thin! "Completely Different" Now! [Report]

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Out of sight, out of mind?

For Rob Kardashian, it's been closer to:

Out of sight, out of mind... out of those XXL jeans and into a basic large.

A Rob Kardashian Selfie

According to a new Entertainment Tonight report, the former reality star is thriving now that he's stepped far away from the spotlight.

As you've likely noticed, Rob is not appearing on his family's E! series this season and he's no longer sharing anything on social media.

And such a private existence is serving the father of one extremely well.

“Getting out of the spotlight was so important for Rob,” this source says, noting that leaving Instagram has also been especially positive for him:

“He needed to completely change his life, things were spiraling out of control for him and his health and relationships were suffering. He needed to refocus.”

Rob with His Dream

This same insider estimates that Rob has lost between 30 and 50 pounds over the past few months.

Because the star suffers from Diabetes, this is more than just an asthetic improvement.

It means his quality of life has improved and his general health is in a far better place than it was during the heyday of his fame.

There were fears in the past that Rob's awful diet would literally lead to his death, as we detailed just over a year ago how Kardashian's love of milkshakes had caused his weight to balloon.

Due to his weight gain and inactivity at the time, Rob started to develop insulin resistance, which is a very dangerous condition for someone afflicted with Diabetes.

Rob Kardashian, Blue Hat

That was then, however.

“His life is completely different now," this source explains, adding of where Rob's head it at these days;

“He’s got his priorities in check. First and foremost he is there for Dream and he knows that to do so he needs to be healthy."

Indeed, Rob's daughter with Blac Chyna will soon turn two years old.

She's a total cutie - and, whatever you want to say about how Rob and Chyna treated each other during their romance, it seems like both parents are very dedicated to their child's well-being.

Rob and Dream

This report also says that Rob has been spending a lot of time with both his siblings and their kids as well.

This has been very helpful for Dream.

“All the cousins [Dream and Rob’s sister’s kids] are very close,” the insider tells ET.

Back in 2016, Rob told People Magazine that he once weighed around 300 pounds.

He knew he was in trouble, but he just couldn't help himself. He buried himself in food any time he felt sad.

Thankfully, those days appear to be behind him and Rob is looking forward to the future and...

... what? Blac Chyna may want to get back together with him?!?!?


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