Danny Amendola: DUMPED After Cheating on Olivia Culpo!

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Gorgeous model Olivia Culpo has ended things after longtime boyfriend Danny Amendola was spotted with another woman.

But Danny himself doesn't see what the big deal was.

And it sounds like the woman he was seen with just feels used and wants to get back to work.

Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo

Olivia and Danny had dated for a while, but that changeda fter Danny was caught cozying up to another woman over the weekend.

The NFL hunk was spotted with sports reporter Bianca Peters at the beach in Miami.

Olivia, who is both an actress and model, was away on work in Australia.

Now, not only are they split, but Olivia is pissed.

After all, she dated some of the hottest dudes in the business -- like Nick Jonas.

She's also extremely gorgeous herself (she was Miss Universe 2012!).

Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola

RadarOnline reports that Olivia feels embarrassed and wounded over this.

"She’s humiliated and pissed off that he went behind her back like that," an insider reveals.

The flirting wasn't subtle, and it was extremely public.

As the source says: "He was all over Bianca for everyone to see."

"She can’t believe he did that to her," the insider shares.

The source affirms: "It’s over!"

Olivia Culpo on Instagram

Olivia had viewed their relationship as being serious, even though work often kept them apart.

Seriously -- she'd refer to him as "my love" on social media.

However, RadarOnline's insider reports that Danny Amendola viewed things differently.

Apparently, Danny saw their relationship as "open."

One imagines that he told Bianca the same thing if she asked.

From Danny's point of view, he and Olivia weren't so serious because "they’re never in the same city."

Danny Amendola

"Olivia is never around," a source explains.

This is apparently what drove Danny to think that he was free to publicly cozy up to other beautiful women without consequence.

Their relationship had reportedly had its ups and downs for years.

"She always told Danny it’s the last straw," an insider characterizes. "And then would fly down to see him."

A tempestuous relationship is not a reason to cheat, folks.

You can break up, or you can talk about an open relationship, but you can't just go flirt with a sports reporter because she's hot.

Not even if she looks like Bianca Peters.

Bianca Peters

If Danny thinks that he can just start hooking up with Bianca now that he and Olivia are over, he has another thing coming.

"Bianca has no plans to hang out with Danny again," and insider affirms.

From her perspective, a source explains, "It was just a Saturday at the beach."

"She went back to work running her social media agency Castillo Social Co on Monday," the insider reveals.

"That," the source shares, is "what she’s focused on 100%."

It looks like Danny had a good thing going and threw it all away because he was horny at the beach.

He wasn't the first, and he won't be the last.

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