Lily-Rose Depp and Timothee Chalamet: Dating!

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While Johnny Depp continues his slow collapse into a morass of self-parody, man jewelry, and strategically ripped denim, his daughter is still attempting to build a life and career for herself far removed from her father's increasingly long shadow.

And she's well on her way with her first A-list romance:

Timothee Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp

According to E! News, Lily-Rose Depp confirmed that she's dating actor Timothee Chalamet this week by laying on the PDA during a date night in NYC.

Okay, so Chalamet might not be a household name just yet, but the young actor has already built up one hell of a resume.

With an Oscar-nominated performance in Call Me By Your Name and a memorable turn in Lady Bird to his credit, it's only a matter of time before someone casts him as a Jedi or a superhero.

Tim and Lily

This kid is so talented we're willing to overlook the obnoxious spelling of his first name, which is the highest praise we can think of.

Neither party has spoken publicly about the relationship so far, but onlookers say their interactions Monday night left little doubt that they're an item.

"They were very sweet together," an eyewitness shared with E! News.

"They wrapped their arms around each other in line and linked arms the entire time," the source added.

Lily-Rose Depp is Skinny

"They seemed very happy to be together."

An insider tells E! that the couple dined on peasant fare, enjoying "fried chicken at a fine dining restaurant." 

"When they left, they stopped on a street corner and shared another passionate kiss," the onlooker added. 

"They huddled together in the rain but loved being outside and were laughing and smiling the entire time. They seemed very into each other."

Timothee Chalamet Photo

The enthusiasm about this stylish new couple is reflected in the comments Gen Z-ers are posting on social media:

"THEYRE SO CUTEEEE," one fan commented on Instagram.

"Omg omg omg omg yassss," wrote another user.

We hate to rain on anyone's parade, but Timothee is in for a hard slog if these two get serious.

Lily Rose Depp: Skinny on the Red Carpet

That's not a knock on Lily, but rather a hard fact about her increasingly unhinged dad.

Lily is obviously set for life, but Timothee is just starting out as an actor, and being forced to apologize for every dumb thing Johnny Depp says is a burden no one should have to bear.

But that's a concern for way down the line.

We're just throwing out there because we're old and crotchety and we need to pass the time until the prune juice kicks in.

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