Jana Duggar: Fans Are THRILLED to See Her Find Companionship!

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Now that Jana Duggar relationship rumors have been shut down by Laura DeMasie herself, some fans are understandably crestfallen.

Fears that Jana really will never find that special someone have run rampant for years as it is, so this was a tough blow.

However, there is a ray of hope yet!

Jana Duggar on TV

A new photo recently surfaced that has fans excited that Cinderella may have found real companionship at last.

Are you excited yet?? Don't worry ... we're not going to keep you in suspense for too much longer here.

While this is unfortunately not a report that 28-year-old Jana is dating ... that doesn't mean that she'll be alone.

It was actually her younger sister Jessa who uploaded the photo that you're about to see.

Spurgeon Seewald and Willow

In it, little Spurgeon Seewald is playing with a beautiful white dog named Willow.

"Up, Willow!" Jessa captions it, quoting Spurgeon. "Now stay. Good dog! You deserve a kiss."

Fans immediately pointed out how cute both Spurgeon and the dog were.

They also noted Willow's "painted" nails - they are clearly nail caps.

And then they asked whose dog Willow might be ...

Jana Duggar and Pumpkins

Jessa replied that Willow is "Aunt Jana’s dog."

Fans were immediately overjoyed, and weren't too subtle about their belief that having a beloved pet will fill a perceived void in Jana's life.

"So glad that Jana has a dog to love!!" exclaimed one fan.

Another fan gushed: "I love that Jana has a dog!"

Jana is just a few months away from turning 29 ... her birthday is in January.

Jana Duggar, Laura DeMasie

She isn't just the eldest unmarried Duggar - she's the only unmarried adult Duggar.

As a Duggar, she is not allowed to date.

Having a dog to love and nurture and cuddle can be great for anyone, but especially for the perpetually single.

Recently, fans had hoped that (or at least wondered if)  rumors of Jana Duggar dating Laura DeMasie were true.

Jana Duggar and Laura DeMasie

The two are close friends and Laura has even traveled with the Duggar family.

Derick Dillard insisted that no lesbian activity was taking place, but fans take Derick's word with a grain of well-deserved salt.

It's easy for fans to see a single adult, totally under the control of her hyper-conservative fundamentalist family, be interested in women but unable to come out.

But Laura has shut down those rumors.

Jana Duggar Cooks

Sure, it's possible that Jana could be gay. Statistically, more than one of the Duggar kids would have to be something other than straight.

(Though of course the Duggar household is the last place where we would ever want an LGBT child to be born)

But whether she's gay or asexual or just awkward, it's really not our place to speculate about someone else's sexual orientation.

That is emphatically her business.

Not every straight person has to get married and start popping out babies, no matter what Jim Bob Duggar says.

The real reason that fans are so concerned isn't that they think that Jana is at an unusual age to be unwed.

Jana is a Millennial - Millennials have an overall trend of waiting longer to be sure before they decide to get married.

That's normal for non-Duggars.

A lot of fans hate to see Jana still laboring under her parents' instruction.

She is a grown woman, but fans perceive her to still be the family Cinderella.

Jana fans would all get a little piece of mind if they believed that Jana were living her own life as more than just Jim Bob and Michelle's obedient helper.

Her beautiful new dog, Willow, sure looks like a step in the right direction.

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