Hailey Baldwin is Being Blamed for Selena Gomez's Hospitalization Because People Suck

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Selena Gomez is in need of your prayers at the moment.

But instead of wishing the singer well during an especially difficult time for her, many dumb people on the Internet are instead wishing Hailey Baldwin ill.

Hailey Baldwin on the 'Gram

The dots here are not hard to connect.

But they're still sad and upsetting to consider.

Gomez, as previously reported on The Hollywood Gossip, agreed this week to another trip to rehab.

She had been hospitalized twice over the past month or so due to a low white blood cell count, which is a common ailment that results when one has Lupus.

According to TMZ, however, Gomez suffered what a source described as an "emotional breakdown" during this second hospitalization, as she was basically sick of being sick.

Shortly afterward, she checked into an East Coast psychiatric facility, at which she's receiving dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) meant to identify and change negative thought/behavioral patterns.

Selena Gomez MET Gala Pic

Selena, of course, has been battling mental health issues for five years.

She recently admitted as much in a moving Instagram video that announced a hiatus from social media.

Despite this well-documented history of suffering from serious illness, a handful of Internet users out there simply assume Gomez is all sad and in need of help because her ex-boyfriend is engaged.

This ex-boyfriend is Justin Bieber.

And this fiancee is Hailey Baldwin.

And the latter is now receiving death threats and hearing harsh criticism from those who blame her for Selena's ongoing problems.

Hailey Baldwin with Justin Bieber, Best Friends Photo

“Hey, Selena in hospitalized. Be ready Justin will drop you anytime soon for his real love Selena Gomez. Your time will coming,” wrote one angry person on Instagram.

Added another:

“So sad that youre [sic] always the second choice."

As you can see from some other examples below, these are not isolated incidents.

Lots of dumb and cruel trolls out there really are targeting Baldwin in response to Gomez seeking a new round of professional treatment.

mean hailey comments

This is very dangerous and just plain stupid.

Selena admittedly has a mental illness.

She has Depression with a capital D.

She isn't just sad for some short period of time because an old flame has moved on with a new woman.

Not only is the above line of thinking, as represented in these comments, mean to Baldwin and unecessarily inflammatory -- they are disrespectful to those who suffer as Selena does.


Depression is a sickness.

It can maybe be triggered by outside events at some, but it is always present and it can't be blamed on anyone; not the person who has it and not the actions of any third party.

It's silly and ignorant to think otherwise.

Many times over the past few months, sources have said that Gomez is actually doing just fine in the wake of Bieber's engagement. 

She hasn't been moping all around time, thinking her life is over. She knows she can do a lot better!

So, instead of directing any wrath at Baldwin or writing cruel remarks on social media, please take a deep breath here, folks.

Dedicate your time to thinking positive thoughts and focus them entirely on Gomez. She needs all she can get right about now.

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