Tori Spelling's Kids Called Fat, Disheveled, Unhappy By Internet Trolls

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It looks like Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are finally saving their marriage through a healthy sense of perspective and counseling.

Unfortunately, a happier home life does not mean that they won't get beset by internet trolls.

This time, these outrageous mom-shamers are accusing Tori of neglecting her children based upon one photo. Take a look:

Tori Spelling in Glasses

Like so many others, celebrities and mere mortals alike, Tori Spelling shared a back-to-school snap of her children on social media.

Her 18-month-old son Beau, for reasons that we hope are obvious, was not in the back-to-school photo.

In it, you can see 11-year-old Liam, 6-year-old Finn, 10-year-old Stella, and 6-year-old Hattie.

Both television and a lot of celebrity Instagram accounts show children wearing ludicrously expensive designer clothes on a daily basis. In contrast, these kids are dressed in age-appropriate garb.

Liam is likely hoping to make a good impression with his Dungeons and Dragons tee -- the role-playing game was once a relic, but has made a comback and has never been more popular.

Tori Spelling Children, Back to School 2018

These kids look happy, healthy, and perhaps a little reluctantly ready for school. Unfortunately, some mom-shaming trolls did not see it this way.

"They just rolled out of bed and put on what was on the floor," claimed one hater.

The clothes look clean, so we're assuming that this person is saying that these look like comfortable clothes that a child would pick out rather than like the carefully ironed designer clothes that a ghost child who haunts a mansion would wear.

"They’re looking somewhat disheveled and not entirely happy on their first day of school," noted another.

They don't look disheveled to us. If there's any unhappiness, it's probably because -- get this -- waking up before dawn and going to school isn't super fun.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott on St. Patrick's Day

The inexcusable and hateful comments continued.

"The kids are fat," claims another hater. "Fat isn’t healthy."

These children are absolutely not fat. Even if they were, this would be an unacceptable comment.

Instead, it's both unacceptable and divorced from reality.

"Why have you let your gorgeous kids get so unfit?" another troll demanded to know.

Tori Spelling and a Pig

Some of the comments were less confrontational while still being deeply bad and also passive aggressive. Take a look at this one:

"No shaming," the shamer writes. "But I do believe these children should be looking a tad more groomed and presentable regardless of who the parents are."

"I’m no one special," this ridiculous person continues. "But I make sure my kids grow up with taking pride in their appearance when they’re in public..."

"Perhaps you don’t," the troll writes. "And that’s no ones business,"

"Just an opinion, which everyone is entitled too when posts are public on social media," the passive aggressive mom-shamer concludes.

We feel sorry for that person's children, who are apparently used as extensions of their parent's taste rather than allowed to be their own people.

Spelling and McDermott

Don't worry, though -- there are also decent people on this planet who got wind of the hate and chimed in to defend these literal children from hateful adults.

"Their kids dressed like kids and I hope they all enjoyed there first day of school," writes one.

"How terrible that the people on this post are responsible for raising our future doctors, nurses, teachers, counselors etc," laments another. "I’m sure you cried many tears over the hate on this post and I’m sorry."

"Oh my God....are you serious?" one commenter replied to a troll. "'Unattractive children' ???? Dear God!!! your comment is AWFUL!!!!"

Tori Spelling in a Coat

"WTH is wrong with some of you on here?!" demanded another defender. "These are children for peetsake! Who are you to judge them? Maybe they wanted to wear these articles of clothing?"

"Love the Dungeons and Dragons tee!" wrote another about Liam's shirt.

"Beautiful happy healthy kids who are not jaded and unaffected by trolls," chimes in another.

"This is literally the most normal family photo for back to school I don’t understand the confusion?" writes a fellow troll-slayer.

That comment continues: "Do people not go outside and only look at whats on their screens to find fashion? Just because someone HAS money doesn’t mean they need to WASTE that money."

Tori responded to the hate with a call to end cyberbullying.

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