Teresa Giudice: Mom-Shamed for Letting 9-Year-Old Wear THIS!

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In August, Theresa Giudice was mom-shamed because some of her followers didn't like the swimsuits that her daughters were wearing.

Now, her followers are at it again -- because they didn't like the outfit or makeup that her 9-year-old Audriana wore to her own birthdary party.

Some of the comments are downright vile. Take a look:

Teresa Giudice and Audriana Giudice, 9th Birthday Party

Audriana Giudice turned 9, and Teresa shared multiple photos from both her celebrations with the family and her heading off to a friend's party.

Some of Teresa's followers zeroed in on Audriana's (gasp!) navel and her makeup (the horror!), and hurled some inexcusable criticism at both mother and daughter.

One commenter tore into Teresa: "Have your daughter dress her age!! [You're] a BAD so called MOTHER!!"

That same commenter slammed Teresa's defenders, writing: "Maybe your daughters dress like sluts too that's why your so angry !! everybody got a right to say what the hell they feel!! Shut the hell up !!"

"This is disgusting, and wrong," insisted another hater. "This is a crazy world as it is, and you’re not keeping her safe feeding her to the world like this."

Audriana Giudice and Birthday Cake

Leaving aside whatever feeding her to the world is supposed to mean, there were other mom-shamers.

"Am I the only one creeped out that she's obsessed with making her little girls look like grown women?" one asked. "Something is NOT right there."

Another was outraged: "Makeup on a 9 year old! Come on! Just a tad bit young for this much older look!"

There is literally nothing inherently inappropriate about makeup. In the mean time, another shamer seemed concerned that Audriana was doing too much partying.

"How many birthday 'days' or 'weeks' do the kids get!??" one avowed enemy of childhood happiness wrote. "Geeze!"

Audriana Giudice and Teresa Giudice, 9th Birthday

For the record, it is 100% normal for a child to have a birthday party with family and a separate party with friends.

"Let her be a nine year old child!" one hater demanded. "A little girl. NO makeup! Age appropriate clothes!"

It's not like Audriana's clothes have the word juicy stitched into them. They're fine.

"That’s a bit much Teresa," another wrote in an overly familiar tone.

"I would die before I let my 9 year old daughter (yes, I have one) sport makeup with a key hole crop top," wrote a super dramatic mom-shamer. "C’mon lady!!!"

Audriana Giudice, First Day of Fourth Grade

Not that it matters, really, but that was how Audriana dresses to go to a birthday party with friends. In contrast, this photo is of how she dresses on her first day of fourth grade.

Both outfits are age-appropriate for those occassions. Some people just don't remember being 9. Others are full of hate.

Fortunately, Teresa did have people commenting in her defense.

"Her birthday party is make up themed," explained one defender. "Lots of 9 year olds love to play with make up. Perhaps that’s why she’s 'glammed'. It’s simply the theme of the party."

"Who really cares how she dresses HER children?" asked another. "Does it affect your life?"

Teresa Giudice Shows Off Her Hair

Ultimately, a lot of mom-shaming like this, where people are concerned about a child's appearance rather than health, is unfortunately about controlling women.

Controlling mothers in the hopes that they will pass down conservative cultural values such as modesty culture.

Controlling daughters so that they dress like they're auditioning for The Handmaid's Tale instead of in totally reasonable outfits that they like.

If a parent is hurting or endangering their child, that is one thing. We all have a responsibility to speak up.

Letting their child dress up for a party is not dangerous or harmful. It's nice.

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