Selena Gomez Breaks Silence, Makes First Comment on Demi Lovato's Overdose

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Selena Gomez has a very important point to make:

Please, she says in the latest issue of ELLE, do not mistake silence for indifference.

Selena Gomez for ELLE

Speaking for the first time to this publication about her close pal Demi Lovato, Gomez says very simply that she has, of course, reached out to Lovato.

She does, of course, care a great deal about all the singer is going through.

She is, of course, constantly in a state of concern when it comes to the rehabbing artist.

But that doesn't mean she's going to sit down and talk in depth about something so personal.

"I reached out personally. I didn't do a public thing. I didn't want to," Selena tells ELLE, adding:

"I…I love her. I've known her since I was 7. So…it's…that's what I'll say."

Demi in NYC

It's clear this is a difficult subject for Gomez and it's also clear why.

First, Lovato is currently in rehab.

She suffered a near-fatal overdose on the morning of July 24, nearly dying from the ingestion of some unknown substance and agreeing to receive professional assistance after pressure from her loved ones.

Several weeks prior to this incident, Demi had fallen hard off the wagon, ending six years of sobriety.

It's a difficult subject for anyone close to the star to speak on.

But Gomez has also been in rehab; multiple times, in fact, including one stint earlier this year.

Selena Gomez Flaunts Hoop Earrings on Instagram

For Selena, however, the basis for her treatment has not been substance abuse, but more to deal with the consequences of having Lupus and also of having a few mental health problems.

So Gomez has been there, in some ways at least.

She can relate to her dear friend and a lot of what Lovato is going through at the moment.

"When Selena found out the news about Demi, she was very upset and emotional," a source told E! News just one day after the aforementioned overdose.

The popular Disney Channel actresses "haven't been close friends in a while now," this same insider noted, but: "They always shared a special bond and they still have love for one another."

Demi Lovato: A Picture

We fully respect Selena for not going into detail here about Demi.

We really just want whatever is best for both young women.

For Gomez, she tells ELLE that what has worked out so well recently was a move to Orange County in order to get away from the spotlight of Los Angeles a bit.

She says the (semi) privary of this new hometown has been incredible.

"Right now, I feel very sure of where I am. I don't feel erratic or emotionally unstable. Or like I can't handle my emotions, like I used to. It's kind of understanding myself a little more," Gomez says, concluding:

"By all means, I don't have myself figured out. But it feels good."

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