School Employee Admits to Losing Her Virginity to 15-Year-Old Student

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This is yet another story of a school employee having sex with a minor.

A former middle school employee was arrested after she confessed to police.

The woman claims that she "fell in love" with her underage victim ... and that she lost her virginity to him.

Hannah Siboyeh mugshot

Hannah Siboyeh is a former employee of Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District.

In July of 2017, she was 23 when she began an elleged sexual relationship with an underage student.

The student has not been identified, of course, as he is both a minor and the victim.

But it sounds like the former Labay Middle School student was 15 at the time.

According to court documents, Siboyeh has acknowledged that what she did was the result of "one mistake after another."

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Authorities learned about this on April 5th, 2018, after another student came forward to an assistant principal.

They had apparently been at the student's home and they noticed that Siboyeh was allegedly in bed with the student.

Court documents state that the student reported the two "lying in bed together and that weird noises would be coming from the room."

That is, emphatically, not appropriate for any adult and minor. Good for that student for recognizing that and having the bravery to come forward.

When investigators spoke to witnesses, they confirmed that the boy and Siboyeh were engaged in a "boyfriend girlfriend" type relationship.

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Court documents say that Siboyeh didn't exactly hold out under interrogation.

When confrontated by law enforcement at the middle school, she is said to have "started crying and stated that she lost her virginity to" the victim.

"She admitted that she loved [the teen] with all of her heart," the documents read.

"She described the relationship as one mistake after another," the documents say. "And admitted that it was her fault because she was the grownup and was older."

Not that it makes anything else okay, but it's good that she is at least not blaming the minor. It is always the adult's responsibility.

Hannah Siboyeh

Siboyeh posted the $10,000 bond on Friday and was able to go free.

She is of course instructed to avoid any contact with her victim or his family.

Additionally, she is to avoid going within 200 feet of any sort of school or child care center, and she is also to give that clearance to the boy's home.

She has been instructed to avoid contact with anyone under the age of 17.

A little less intuitively, she has been forbidden from accessing the internet. Presumably so that she does not contact her vicitm ... or any new ones.

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