Mac Miller Tribute: See What the Rapper's Mom Just Shared

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Mac Miller's mother has shared a beautiful tribute to her late son.

Days after the rapper was shockingly found dead at the age of 26, due to a suspected drug overdose, Karen Meyers has shared a very simple, albeit very telling and special, picture of her child.

You can see it here:

Mac Miller, Mom

In the picture uploaded to Instagram, Meyers and her son (whose real name was Malcolm McCormick) are smiling together at a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game.

It's unclear when the snapshot was taken.

But it's evident why this one was used by Karen to pay tribute to the late rapper.

As you can see, Miller is leaning his head against his mom's and making a funny face; she captioned the photo with a broken heart emoji.

And she did so not long after Ariana Grande posted a similar tribute to her long-time boyfriend, a couple months after the stars split and about 48 hours after Miller was found dead.

This is the photo Grande shared on social media:

Mac Miller Tribute

She did not pen a caption with it.

Miller battled substance abuse issues for years prior to his passing.

He was frequently open his addiction, just as Grande was open about the fact that Miller's problems played a significant role in a relationship that eventually became too "toxic" for her to remain a part of.

In the wake of Miller's overdose, a handful of terrible Internet users dared to blame Grande for Miller's fatal actions.

They also wondered why Ariana did not immediately wrote anything online in response to the tragedy.

As if it's any of their business and as if we should ever judge anyone about how they mourn a loved one.

Mac Miller Snapshot

On Friday evening, Miller's family released a statement about the 26-year old's death.

It reads:

"Malcolm McCormick, known and adored by fans as Mac Miller, has tragically passed away at the age of 26. He was a bright light in this world for his family, friends and fans. Thank you for your prayers.

"Please respect our privacy. There are no further details as to the cause of his death at this time."

An endless array of musicians have since shared their own thoughts about Miller's passing, but we're going to note John Mayer's message below.

Mac Miller on Stage

The artist only just posted it to Instagram late Saturday night and it stands out for its lengthy and personal nature.

This is what Mayer wrote about Miller:

This was going to be Mac Miller’s year. He made a quantum leap in his music. That’s incredibly hard to do, to evolve and get better and more focused while your career is already underway. You don’t get there without a lot of work, and Mac had put the work in.

I didn’t expect to play on his album the day he played some songs for me at his house, but when I heard “Small Worlds,” I gave it a short, chirpy little “yup,” which is the highest praise I can give a track. It means we don’t need to say another word, it’s going down.

I grabbed the nearest guitar in the room and within a couple of hours we had finished a tune that made me so incredibly happy to have a part in, not to mention we established a nice little friendship.

He was so funny I just kind of stopped typing “LOL” back in our texts.

Mac was, to me, on permanent LOL status. I gave him whatever guidance I thought I had the right to, having been through the press ringer in the past and wanting him to understand that none of that noise could ever really take a bite out of the music he was about to put out.

Mac Miller Selfie

The last time I saw him, he was playing Hotel Cafe’ in Los Angeles for a crowd of 100 people.

He was nervous, and honest about it with the audience. I thought that was so endearing, especially seeing as he would go on to play one of the best sets I’d seen in a very long time. His band was unreal.

You gotta know that if you weren’t familiar with Mac Miller, you were about to be, whether you would have seen him at a festival, or a friend was going to catch a show and tell everyone they knew about it (like I did.)

Mac put in the work. He made his best album and formed the band that was weeks away from becoming a breakout live sensation. Believe me when I say that.

I send my love and support to everyone who knew him better, because what relative little I did, I just adored.

May Mac Miller rest in peace.

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