Mac Miller: When Did He Die?

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Last week, the world lost a true talent when Mac Miller passed away at 26.

Though Miller's cause of death remains a mystery, we now know a little more about when he tragically died.

And that revelation is causing investigators to take a closer look at the last gathering that he had at his home.

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TMZ reports that Mac Miller was dead for hours before emergency responders arrived, according to the findings of the medical examiner's office.

This was immediately clear to first responders when they arrived after a 9-1-1 was placed at around noon on Friday, September 7.

The result is that it puts what TMZ describes as a "spotlight" on the party that took place at Miller's residence the night before.

Friends came over on Thursday night and apparently stayed until the wee hours of Friday morning.

Whenever Miller passed, it seems that no one found Miller until around noon, when the 9-1-1 call was placed.

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That 9-1-1 call was simply for Miller being unresponsive. In fact, the call was for a "cardiac arrest."

It seems that whoever had found him believed (or at least hoped) that he was still alive and could still be saved. That is so heartbreaking to think about.

Notably, no one has come forward to say that they saw Miller alive after Thursday night, so we really do not have a clear timeline of Miller's death just yet.

It may be that Miller died of an apparent overdose some time in the morning on Friday.

But it could also be the case that he told his guests goodnight late Thursday night and passed soon after.

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As we mentioned, Mac Miller's cause of death remains a bit of a mystery.

It was reported as an apparent overdose, but while the body has been released to his family, the toxic panel has not yet come back.

TMZ notes that toxicology reports usually take between four to six weeks to return. We may not know Miller's specific cause of death until October.

We hope to know soon -- not so much to sate the curiosity of fans, but to provide a measure of closure to Miller's family.

It does not sound like investigators believe that there was foul play, but knowing the details can help loved ones to move forward.

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Investigators will need that toxicology report, because they found almost no traces of drugs in Miller's house.

The small amount of white powder that they found is not what you expect in the home of a man who battled substance abuse problems for years before his overdose.

Police believe that someone purged Miller's home of drugs some time on Friday or possibly on Thursday night, as there were people there on both nights.

They spoke to some of those people, and while it doesn't sound like anyone has come forward, police were given the impression that their hunch was correct.

Someone may have felt that they were doing Miller, his memory, or his loved ones a favor by sanitizing his home.

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While the majority of Miller's fans are mourning appropriately and giving his family and loved ones privacy in their grief, others are not.

Immediately after reports came out of Miller's death, awful trolls blamed Ariana Grande for his passing.

They believe that if Ariana had continued to date him despite his substance abuse issues -- which played a big role in their split -- that he would not have overdosed.

Other fans countered, of course, saying that Miller would have been one of the first people to tell these haters how wrong they were.

Miller's death is a tragedy brought about by addiction. So far, we don't know of any "bad guy" whom people can rightly blame.

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