Big Brother Spoilers: Eviction & HOH Results Leaked!

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With all of the drama going on with Julie Chen stepping away from The Talk, many have wondered whether she's about to be evicted from Big Brother. 

While we still don't know whether the show will even exist at this point next year, there is still a game to be played, and Wednesday's special episode will feature a Power of Veto, an eviction, an HOH competition, and a nominations ceremony. 

Julie Chen Hosts Big Brother

Thanks to reliable Big Brother Spoilers guru, REALvegas4sure, we know what will go down in the episode, and we're about to discuss it all. 

If you want to be surprised when you watch the episode, you should probably exit this page. 

When Sunday's episode concluded, Sam and JC were on the block, and Sam was the target. We already told you that Kaycee went on to win the Power of Veto competition, her fourth time winning that competition. 

As expected, she opted to keep the nominations the same, meaning Sam and JC were left on the block for eviction. 

Angela was vocal about wanting Sam out of the house on Sunday's episode, and she got her wish:

Sam has been evicted!

Sam Bledsoe

But who went on to win the next HOH competition?

That's where things get super exciting. JC has been good at the manipulation side of things, but as far as competitions go, he's struggled to compete. 

That all changed with one of the most crucial competitions of the summer. Tyler, Kaycee, and JC played, and JC secured the win!

It's a shocker, for sure because it means that the others will be split up ahead of the final three. JC knew he had to make a big move, so he went with putting Tyler and Angela on the block. 

This likely means that he's trying to pull Kaycee over to his side by saying that Tyler and Angela are in a showmance and will only look out for each other.

Angela Rummans Promotes Big Brother

The power to evict this round will go to the winner of the POV. Will Kaycee win for the fifth time and have to choose which of her allies to take out, or will one of the allies win?

We have no idea, but all of that will play out on Thursday's episode. 

What are your thoughts on these spoilers?

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