Ariana Grande: Heartbroken, Leaning on Pete Davidson After Mac Miller's Death

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Just a couple of days ago, we heard the tragic news that rapper Mac Miller had passed away with all signs pointing to an overdose as the cause of death.

It's obviously been extremely hard on the people close to him -- he'd been dealing with addiction for a long time, and he was only 26 years old.

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller

And despite the fact that they broke up back in May, Ariana Grande was still one of those people.

When the couple split, Ariana wrote a statement on Instagram calling Mac "one of my best friends in the whole world and favorite people on the planet."

"I respect and adore him endlessly and am grateful to have him in my life in any form, at all times regardless of how our relationship changes or what the universe holds for each of us," she continued.

She explained that she still loved him, but "unconditional love ... is wanting the best for that person even if at the moment, it's not you."

Ariana Grande & Mac Miller In New York

She finished by telling him "I can't wait to know and support you forever and I'm so proud of you!"

It was a very sweet thing for Ariana to do, and Mac was, in turn, publicly supportive of her quick engagement to Pete Davidson shortly after their breakup.

As of now, she hasn't made a statement about his passing, but she did share a photo of him, presumably from their time together.

And according to a new report from Us Weekly, she's "absolutely heartbroken" about what happened.

Mac Miller Tribute

"Her entire family is in shock too," a source claims. "They all grew close to Mac during his relationship with Ari."

"He was a huge part of her life, and they always shared such a special bond. She wanted nothing but positivity in Mac's life after they broke up."

But even though Ariana was obviously a sweetheart about the breakup, and even though they were obviously on good terms, a lot of people can't help but be awful.

Several people have had the nerve to blame her for Mac's death, because that makes sense, right?

Ariana Grande, Purple Hair

"Look I ain't even even gon sugar coat it," one of those people tweeted. "This is @ArianaGrande fault."

"Mac Miller was really killed by a heartbreak," another person speculated. "Ariana and Pete really took him there don't @ me. Love powerful. Ariana really a dangerous woman holy f-ck."

Some liked to put the blame on Ariana without directly putting the blame on her, like the person who wrote "I'm not saying that Ariana killed Mac, but the break up may have had a role in the death."

"Ariana Grande is in NO way to blame for Mac Miller's death but when someone leaves you and is immediately with a new person ... ya that sh-t hurts," another one of those tweets read.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson at the VMAs

And then there were the people who just got right to the point -- one of those tweeted "It's definitely Ariana Grande's fault. F-ck that bitch."

The hate continued on Instagram, and it go so bad that Ariana had to disable comments on her account altogether because of the plentiful "it's your fault" comments.

Can you even imagine how rough that must have been?

But on the bright side, a source who spoke with Hollywood Life says that Pete is doing his best to be there for her during this insanely difficult time.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Affection

"Pete is amazing, he's so solid, and he's like, totally Ariana's rock, her shoulder to cry on, support system, voice of reason, best friend, everything," the insider claims.

"Pete knows grief, he's been through unmentionable horror and loss himself, and it doesn't frighten him -- he's a real stand-up guy."

The source adds that "For all his goofy, comedian persona, he's actually a super deep and sweet guy, he's really empathetic, and he loves Ariana with every piece of his heart, all he wants to do is protect her as much as humanly possible."

As for all the unwarranted blame she's getting on social media, the source says that "It's bad enough that Ariana is suffering the trauma of losing somebody she cared deeply about, but then to be blamed for his death is just despicable."

Ariana Grande: A Picture

"Pete is doing all he can to shield her from any poison and negativity."

The source also points out that "Mac had a lot of demons that he was battling and he struggled with addiction issues throughout his whole life pretty much so to try and lay the blame at Ariana's feet is truly appalling."

"She's just heartbroken."

Hopefully it's true that Pete is doing all he can to take care of Ariana right now -- again, we can't imagine what she must be feeling.

And for all the people that feel the need to place any sort of blame on her for Mac Miller's death ... no.

Just no.

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