Teresa Giudice: Mom-Shamed Over THIS Photo of Daughters!

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The internet loves few things more than trolling women, getting a reaction from celebrities, and mom-shaming.

Teresa Giudice just bore the brunt of all three. And it wasn't for another bad comment about immigrants.

She shared a sweet photo of three of her daughters spending some sisterly bonding time, and is getting mom-shamed left and right. Why?

Teresa Giudice Instagram Pose

Teresa Giudice and her family have been vacationing in the Bahamas.

(Yes, we know that a lot of students went back to school this week, but not every school in the U.S. runs on the same schedule)

The The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has also shared photos of her daughters -- they're growing up so quickly!

Unfortunately, when Teresa shared the photo below, a lot of so-called fans decided to call her out and bombard he with mom-shaming comments.

These trolls seemed to hate everything -- from the girls' makeup to their outfits.

Audriana Giudice, Gia Giudice, and Milania Giudice

(From left to right, that's Audriana, Gia, and Milania)

Mom-shamers decided that it was an outrage that these sisters on vacation put on makeup before having their photos taken.

"Are you f--king kidding me with the makeup?" one foul-mouthed mom-shamer demanded.

Makeup is normal for all ages, but apparently 9-year-old Audriana's makeup is scandalous to these folks. There are younger makeup gurus on YouTube.

"Beautiful girls," another began. "But no need for makeup."

If you want to talk about the makeup industry or animal testing or whatever, that's fine. Girls putting on makeup is harmless unless they're allergic or something.

Teresa Giudice on Season 8

Other trolls fixated on the fact that the girls were dressed for August in the Bahamas instead of for, like, winter in a convent in Vermont.

"Wow....bra showing...wtf...." one ridiculous person lamented. "These girls are going to turn into pure trash if this continues."

Gia is just months away from turning 18, and none of these girls are "exposing" anything -- except for the twisted thoughts of some of Teresa's followers.

"No need for… an un-buttoned shirt," another insisted, again targeting Gia. "That’s not age-appropriate!"

Gia is 17. That outfit, which again reveals nothing, is about as age-appropriate as it gets.

Teresa Giudice and Daughters in the Bahamas

(Teresa shared this photo last week, and yes, before you ask, she was also condemned because her daughters are wearing normal bikinis instead of one-pieces ... or a nun's habit)

"Where is the parental control here!!" one irate commenter demanded. Some people panic if they see other humans living their lives harmlessly.

Anothe remarked that it is "scary that these girls are dressed like grown adult women."

Those girls are really dressed like teenagers. (No shade, but Audriana's makeup looks exactly like a 9-year-old's)

"I'm 32 years old," another commenter whined. "Sorry I think a showing bralette, crop top, and ripped skinny skinny jeans is completely inappropriate for a 17 year old."

We love that this person thinks that jeans are somehow scandalous because they show Gia's knees.

Teresa Giudice, Children

Fortunately, not every commenter belongs in a dumpster.

"I think her daughters look pretty and they wear their make up well," one defender wrote. "They have not went Kardashian yet."

"I don't see what the problem is, she looks beautiful," another says. "I wouldn't let the negative press ruin your day."

Teresa is probably accustomed to it. We just hope that her daughters don't see grown-ass adults shaming their mom for letting them act their ages.

Another defender asks a very good rhetorical question: "What little girl does not like makeup?"

Teresa Giudice and Daughter Gia

The defenses kept pouring in.

"The girls are adorable," a commenter writes. "Quit throwing shade! I'm sure the girls love putting make up on each other. That's what sisters do!"

Another shamed the shamers right back, saying: "Any adult with sense knows not to say negative comments about children."

There are plenty of truly awful parents who do real harm to their children that will last for a lifetime. Some of those parents are even reality stars.

It's just a shame that these shamers waste their ire on makeup and a neckline.

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