Lyric McHenry: Family Releases Official Statement

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Tragically, producer and reality star Lyric McHenry died this week. Friends and fans alike were shocked upon learning the circumstances of her death -- that she was found on a sidewalk.

Investigators are still looking into her cause of death. It is unclear if Lyric knew she was pregnant.

Now, her family has released a statement sharing what they know.

Lyric McHenry

In a statement made to Us Weekly, Lyric McHenry's family says that they appreciate the well-intentioned support they've received from loved ones.

"The McHenry Family deeply appreciates the many communications of support," the statement begins.

The family writes that they received this support "from Lyric McHenry’s many friends upon learning of her untimely death at approximately 6:00 AM the morning of August 14th, 2018."

They want to help make the timeline clear, based upon what investigators have told them, in order to clear up confusion.

"Despite the speculation in earlier reports," the family says. "At this point in time the cause of Lyric’s death has yet to be determined"

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"In contrast," the statement continues. "What is factual and known is that Lyric who just turned 26 last week on August 6, was a brilliant, creative, and lovely young woman."

Lyric, they write, was a woman "who shared a deep passion for writing, film, and a long-standing commitment to social justice."

She was, and they would prefer to celebrate her life than speculate about her death.

"She was a Christian who grew up in Los Angeles and attended the Center for Early Education," the statement shares.

"And," the family writes, Lyric "graduated from the Marlborough School in Los Angeles."

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"Lyric graduated from Stanford University in 2014," the statement continues.

"Where she studied in Paris, France for a year," Lyric's proud family writes. "And spoke fluent French."

Lyric was politically active even before she was old enough to vote.

They mention that she "worked on numerous social justice issues."

Notably, Lyric volunteered for the Obama Campaign from 2007 to 2008 and then volunteered again in 2012.

She helped to make the world a better place.

Lyric McHenry and Michelle Obama

"Lyric produced and raised funds via crowd funding for her first film," the statement shares. "Which won several film festival awards"

"And," her family reminds the world, Lyric "was a Producer and member of the cast of E! show EJNYC."

Lyric is well-known for her reality career, but there was so much more to her.

"Currently," the statement shares. "Lyric was working on packaging and development of several well regarded film and TV projects."

"She was also interviewing for several West Coast Media jobs," they reveal. "Having returned to L.A. in February from working in NYC for several years and preparing her applications for a business school MBA Program."

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"Lyric’s warmth, compassion, and energy will be missed by many," the statement acknowledges.

"And the family would appreciate that all speculation surrounding the circumstances of death cease," they request.

Because she was found dead less than fully dressed on a sidewalk, some fear that Lyric was murdered. Others wonder if it was an overdose.

They are only making this request "until the real facts are determined during the current investigation by the NYPD and the City of New York."

"The Funeral Service will be held in her hometown Los Angeles," the statement concludes. "At a date to be determined."

Rest in peace, Lyric. We hope that her family finds closure.

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