Kim Kardashian Reveals Her INSANE Weight Loss!

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Though fans say that Kourtney is still hotter than Kim, there are few bodies on the planet more legendary than Kim Kardashian and her internet-breaking booty.

But Kim's body has had some changes lately. And she has come forward to reveal that she is proud to have lost 20 pounds.

Kim is even revealing how she pulled it off. And no, feuding with Kourtney does not burn calories.

Kim Kardashian, Pretty in Pink Bedroom Selfie

In an interview with E! that aired on Wednesday, Kim shares the new routine that helped her to lose 20 pounds.

"I work out about an hour-and-a-half every single day," Kim reveals, sharing that she practices using "heavy weights."

A lot of exercise intended to result in weight loss focuses upon sustained activity to burn calories, but Kim's approach is a little different.

"I don’t do a lot of cardio," Kim shares.

She teases that even her family has been marveling at the results.

Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Legs and Weight Loss

"But honestly," Kim says. "Like even my mom pulled me aside maybe a week ago and pulls me in a closet and is like, ‘What are you doing?’"

Why ... why did this conversation need to take place in a closet?

Kim continues her anecdote about her mother's desperate question: "She says, ‘I don’t care what, I just need to know.’"

That is ... a phenomenally Kris Jenner way to ask something. Beautiful.

"I’ve been working out really hardcore with a bodybuilder for one year," Kim announces.

"September," Kim continues. "Is our one-year anniversary."

Kim Kardashian Nude Body Mold

In under one year, Kim has managed to sculpt her body beyond its already enviable shape.

"I’ve lost 20 pounds," Kim reveals. "And I’m really proud of that."

That's impressive! Especially for someone so small who had so little, body-wise, to lose.

Kim shares her previous stats, saying: "I was almost 140 forever."

140 and under is not a lot for a human being to weigh, but, at 5-foot-3, Kim is so very tiny that she felt heavy.

"And now," Kim divulges. "I’m like 116 and it just feels good."

Kim with SOME Cleavage

Kim shares that this fitness habit is not the kind that boasts instant results.

"I didn’t see results right away," she admits.

Very few sustainable workouts do see much initial change -- unless you just shed water weight.

"But when you stick with something and you’re consistent," Kim promises. "You will."

"So," Kim continues. "I love it."

Kim Kardashian Loves Pineapple Juice

Kim notes that she has also made some adjustments to her diet that have contributed to her weight loss.

"I don’t really eat sugar the way that I used to," Kim admits. "It doesn’t really do it for me."

Different people crave different tastes. Though it is of course possible that Kim has just managed to convince herself that sweet things don't taste as good as her new figure feels.

"I’ve kind of been trained to just eat a lot healthier than I used to," Kim shares. "I used to just eat anything and everything and I loved it.”

One day, when medical science allows people to pop a $10 pill and lose 10 pounds of fat with zero consequences, maybe the whole world will be able to eat like that.

Kim Kardashian Licks the Spoon

Kim explains that she has devoted herself to regulating what she eats and how much.

“And so I really do control that now," Kim expresses. "I don’t want to ruin it by just stuffing my face."

Some would say that the whole point of an exercise routine is to allow you to eat more of what you would like to eat.

Kim does reveal her cheat food: "I love Häagen-Dazs ice cream. That’s like my one go-to."

Obviously, training with a bodybuilder and even eating healthy can be difficult or impossible if you're not, you know, a millionaire. But it's good of her to share her story with fans.

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