Justin-Bobby Brescia: I'm Glad Lauren Conrad Won't Harsh Our Vibe on The Hills Reboot!

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Everything that's old is new again, and the The Hills reboot is really happening.

But Lauren Conrad won't be taking part in The Hills: New Beginnings, which leads some fans to wonder what it will be like.

Justin-Bobby Brescia does think that it will be different -- but he says that it will be better without her. Take a look.

Lauren Conrad 2016

Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth aren't returning for the The Hills revival.

And when TMZ asked Justin-Bobby Brescia, he definitely did not sound bothered by their absence.

"It’s a good cast," Brescia affirmed.

He then threw some definite shade in Lauren's direction.

"We’ve got all the good people left,” Brescia says. 

Wow. That is indirect, but massively harsh.

Justin-Bobby Brescia Plays Music

“It’s gonna be good," Brescia affirms "Everybody’s happy."

He explains where he believes that the good cheer originates.

"There are good vibes," he says of the cast.

He says that if there wrong people were present, they could ruin the experience and the reboot for everyone involved.

"When you’ve got s--tty people running around," Brescia declares. "It creates this ambiance you don’t need."

In other words, he's saying that toxic people would make for a toxic environment.

Lauren Conrad is Pretty

It's only been a little over a year since Lauren Conrad welcomed her first child.

She is busy being a new mother.

As it happens, she is also worth something in the range of $25 million.

Some of her erstwhile costars might need that paycheck enough that they're happy to hire a sitter (looking at you, Heidi and Spencer Pratt), but if she wants to devote these years to motherhood, she can afford to.

She does not need this reboot and she will not be taking part in it.

But even if Justin-Bobby Brescia is still nursing a grudge over that time she roasted him over his army boots, she's not the only absentee on his mind.

Justin-Bobby Brescia with the Good Hair

Lo bowed out, saying that she had required "years of therapy" to recover from Laguna Beach and The Hills the first time around.

"Duh," Brescia says in response. "You could probably see that from a mile away when she first filmed, right?"

That's not exactly a charitable way to phrase it, but he explains why he's not exactly weeping in her absence.

"[She was] never a fan of mine," he says. "So…"

That sounds harsh, and it is, but we can understand why he's not beside himself.

Old feuds die hard, folks. Which is great news when you're talking about bringing back a classic reality series that helped transform the television landscape.

Lauren Conrad on The Hills

Now, don't let all of this talk about the ambiance of the show's revival fool you.

They're not actually filming yet.

But Justin-Bobby Brescia says: "Everybody’s chatting. Everybody’s smiling."

He summarizes: "Everybody’s having a good time."

That is good to hear. In the mean time,w e imagine that the show is making some final decisions -- including their rumored negotiations with Brody Jenner to invite his participation.

Here is what we know so far about who is coming back:

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