Jax Taylor Sends Scathing Message to the Kardashians

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It may be very warm and sunny in California at the moment.

But try telling that to Kim Kardashian and her sisters.

They're feeling a bit of a chill at the moment because Jax Taylor just hurled a massive amount of shade in their direction.

Jax Taylor Selfie

Earlier this week, the Vanderpump Rules star made us laugh pretty hard when he snapped a photo of Younes Bendjima just days after the public learned he had been dumped by Kourtney Kardashian.

The picture was taken at the gym and it featured Taylor poking some fun at the young and very handsome model.

As you can see below, the Bravo personality mocked Bendjima for slumming it and for drinking some basic water out of a bottle.

Pretty funny and almost entirely harmless, right?

Jax Taylor Shades Younes Bendjima

When a fan acknowledged as much, writing that the image was "hilarious" yesterday, Taylor responded:

“Of course it was, it was fu-king brilliant, all you pussies who say sh-t wish you thought of it first. We all get dumped get over it. Old news move on."

Ummm... okay.

A bit of a random and harsh reply, no?

jax reply

From here, another user Tweeted at Taylor that the “Kardashians are royalty,” to which Taylor shot back:

“Royalty? You need your brain checked."

Empirically, this is not an inaccurate statement.

Neither Kim nor anyone in her family has been bestowed any sort of Royal honor in their lifetimes.

But we're guessing Jax meant that the sisters aren't especially important in any sense of the phrase, balking at the idea that they are bigger reality stars than he is.

Man, we hope this leads to some kind of Vanderpump Rules/Keeping Up with the Kardashians crossover.

Kim Kardashian Profile Shot

Earlier this month, Kourtney and Bendjima split after just about two years as a couple.

We heard right from the outset of this news breaking that the conclusion to their romance was not a pretty one, with various outlets alleging that Younes cheated on Kourtney.

He denied this accusation strongly.

He said he was merely friends with the woman he was seen partying with in Mexico shortly before Kardashian gave him his walking papers.

Sensing an opportunity to tweak some dude he has never met, Taylor Tweeted on Wednesday that if Bendjima needed a job, he could help him out.

“tom and tom need a dj still at @TomTom not a hard gig, I can put in a good word,” he wrote on Wednesday, referring to Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz’s new restaurant.

Kourtney Straddles Younes

We're not exactly on Team Younes here; the guy has both a six-pack and may very well have slept with six women behind Kourtney's back.

But this is just unprompted and not even funny on Taylor's part.

Jax even tried to walk back his original mockery by writing later on social media:

“I just thought well this could be a funny tweet.

"Hey when you sign up for this lifestyle you gotta expect a little innocent humor, if you can’t laugh at this or yourself, then I feel bad for you. Who cares!!!”

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