Farrah Abraham: Not Even Recognizable in New Makeup-Free Photo!

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Farrah Abraham usually wears a lot of makeup. 

Seriously, just an insane amount.

Farrah Abraham in a Bowtie

It's rare these days to see her without a full face, complete with false eyelashes, extreme contouring, and some lip product to make those fillers really pop.

But now that she's got that celebrity boxing match to promote, the one where Hoopz from Flavor of Love is going to absolutely destroy her, her image is changing a little.

Her Instagram is filled with photos of her training for her big match and looking generally sporty, which has been a big change from her usual constant glam.

And in her latest photo, she's taking things a step further by wearing absolutely no makeup.

Farrah without Makeup

Crazy, right?!

Farrah doesn't even look like Farrah in this picture, and it's actually kind of hard to believe it's really her.

But honestly?

This is the best she's looked in a long, long time.

She looks fresh-faced and healthy, and it seems like she's really getting into this whole boxing thing, so there's a tiny bit of life in her eyes, which is new.

Farrah Abraham at 2018 VMAs

And for the most part, her Instagram followers are loving this new look, too.

"You look so much better not being all dolled up," one fan told her. "More natural suits you."

Another wrote "You are beyond beautiful without makeup ... what an inspiration seeing that u don't always have to wear makeup!!!!"

Farrah's fans -- and how wild is it that she actually has fans? -- weren't the only people with nice things to say.

Farrah Abraham Kim Kardashian Photo

As one of her followers wrote, "I don't particularly like Farrah as a person but I think she looks a million times better without the caked on makeup. Doesn't look near as fake!"

"STOP WEARING ALL THAT MAKEUP!" someone else demanded. "You look beautiful here."

So many people complimented her on this natural look, several people said she looks way younger here than she usually does, and a few even told her that she looks like Lady Gaga.

There were still plenty of negative comments though, many of them saying the exact opposite -- that she looks so much better with makeup and that she looks super old in this photo.

Farrah Abraham Red Hair

But you know, it's so rare to have anything nice to say about Farrah, so let's just give her this one, all right?

She really does look great without makeup.

Of course, we can't really talk about her bare-faced look without mentioning all the stuff she's done to her face.

Farrah has had lots and lots of plastic surgery over the years, as you probably know.

Most of it has been below her face -- she's had a handful of boob jobs, for example.

Farrah Abraham Sucks at Photoshop

She's also had a couple of vaginal rejuvenations, and while it's not surgery, who could forget all the butt injections?

As for her face, she had a nose job several years ago, as well as a chin implant, though she later had that removed.

On top of those two surgeries, she's had an unimaginable amount of fillers, both in her face and in her lips, as well as Botox.

Oh, but back in June, she had her lip fillers removed.

Obviously her face has been through a whole, whole lot of changes, so she does look very different than she did before she started messing with her appearance.

But when people say that she ruined her natural good looks with plastic surgery, we can see now that that's just not the case.

So hey, Farrah, more of this and less of literally everything else, OK?

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