Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra: Here's Why We Hate Bristol Palin!

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Lots of people aren't too happy with the idea of Bristol Palin joining the cast of Teen Mom OG.

Lots and lots (and lots and lots and ...) of people.

Bristol Palin Selfie Time

This is for many reasons.

One of them is that nobody likes the Palins.

Nobody has been thinking "Gee, I wonder what Bristol Palin has been up to lately," and if anyone has been thinking that, it's because they hate her but they love gossip and they simply can't help themselves.

And sure, some people will hate-watch Bristol's segments on the show, but hate-watching something like that is only fun for a little while, maybe one or two episodes at most, certainly not a whole season.

The only way you can hate-watch someone for any solid amount of time is if they're as crazy as, say, Farrah Abraham, and sorry, but Bristol just doesn't have that kind of magic.

Bristol and 3 Kids

Another reason that people aren't excited about the addition of Bristol is that people hate change, almost as much as they hate the Palins.

For nearly a decade now, Teen Mom has starred Maci, Catelynn, Amber, and Farrah.

Losing Farrah was tough, as awful as she was on the show, but it still worked with the three other moms.

After all this time, how weird is it going to be to have a new girl, especially a new girl like Bristol?

And then, for the cast members themselves, there's an extra reason to be less than thrilled by all of this.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell at the VMAs

Catelynn and Tyler explained that during their appearance on this week's episode of Kailyn Lowry's podcast.

"Do I have anything against her as a person? No," Catelynn began. "Do I dislike her? No, 'cause I don't know her."

"Do I think it's weird that you're throwing somebody into the original girls' story? Yes."

Kailyn agreed with her about how weird Bristol's addition is, because she and the Teen Mom 2 crew went through the same thing when Briana DeJesus joined the show last year.

Catelynn and Kailyn

"It's like nobody gets a call," she said. "Like, we're making a huge change to the show. This is what's happening. It hits the media before we found out."

"It's the only problem I have with it," Tyler interjected, "is the way that it came out in the media and stuff."

"It's like, we start the franchise, built it, sustained it for 10 years, I think we deserve the respect to let me know what's going on when you're doing a major franchise shift that we helped build, create, sustain."

"So I feel like it's more of a respect thing," he added.'

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, 2018 Selfie

He does have a point -- it's pretty strange that MTV wouldn't fill the cast members in on such a huge change in the show, even if it was just before they made the official announcement.

Catelynn agreed with her husband, complaining that the network "should have had the decency to call us."

"Hey network, you like your money? You're welcome," Tyler said.

"Give me the respect and let me know when you're doing a major franchise shift."

Tyler with Catelynn

Kailyn's co-host, Lindsie, pointed out that perhaps MTV was just trying to keep the big news from leaking before they were ready to make the announcement, but that Catelynn didn't care for that comment.

"We worked with them for 10 years and nothing's ever leaked out," she insisted. "You should be able to trust us."

We've heard similar complaints from Maci Bookout -- during her own episode of Kailyn's podcast, she also said that she heard the news about Bristol the same time the rest of us did.

Amber hasn't made any public statements on the subject, but Maci said that she was on the same page, so it sounds like she's not too pleased, either.

The season premiere (and Bristol's big debut!) doesn't air until October 1st, but we can already tell the reunion is going to be a good one!

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