Ben Affleck: Drunk and Belligerent During Intervention

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As you've likely heard by now, Ben Affleck checked into rehab today to receive treatment for ongoing substance abuse issues.

This is Affleck's third time in rehab, but he's checking in under circumstances that are markedly different from the previous occasions.

Ben Affleck Looks Pissed

As far as we know, this is the first time that one of Ben's loved ones felt the need to hold an intervention.

But interestingly, it wasn't his friends, mother, brother, or even his most recent ex who implored the Oscar winner to seek treatment.

Instead, it was Ben's estranged wife, Jennifer Garner, who showed up unannounced at his home and later drove him to the rehab facility.

We may never know exactly what Jen said to Ben in order to convince him he needed help, but we do know that it wasn't an easy process.

Ben Affleck Snapshot

In fact, at one point, Garner left Affleck's home and returned with a bodyguard, presumably because she feared violent behavior from the actor.

One insider tells Radar Online that Affleck was severely intoxicated during the intervention, to the point that it was difficult to communicate with him.

"Ben was a mess," says the source.

"He was talking, but you couldn't tell what he was saying."

Ben and Jen

The insider adds that Garner and the sobriety coach who assisted her both became concerned, as Ben has a history of behaving violently while drunk.

“When Ben drinks, he gets nasty and it’s hard to be around him,” the source tells Radar. 

“He’s unmotivated and becomes very sloppy in his decision-making and his appearance.”

The insider also attributes Ben's recent breakup with Lindsay Shookus to his rampant drinking.

Ben Affleck at Premiere

“His behavior was a big turn off to Lindsay, who prides herself on her work and her motivation for life," says the tipster.

Though the relationship is over, sources say Shookus remains deeply concerned for Affleck and wishes him all the best as he proceeds with treatment.

But it may be a while before she's able to communicate any words of support:

“Ben won’t be allowed his phone, computer or visits from loved ones for the first few weeks of rehab,” the source claims.

The insider adds that Affleck plans to “channel his creative energy positively through painting.”

We wish him all the best in his battle with addiction.

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