Ariana Grande: My First Kiss With Pete Davidson Was So F--king Epic!

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Pete Davidson has been pretty blunt about how he's always horny for Ariana Grande. But there's more to these two than sexual chemistry and a major height difference.

Now, Ariana is speaking about their first kiss, and sharing some surprising details.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson at the VMAs

More than once, Ariana has destroyed claims that she cheated on Mac Miller. To those conspiracy theorists, she and Pete secretly hooked up years ago.

In real life, though, Ariana's relationship with Pete began in late May -- and now, speaking on Nicki MInaj's Queen Radio, Ariana describes their first kiss.

"It was sick," Ariana gushes. "It was so dope!"

Ariana gives a little more detail about the kiss, and even before their lips touched, she says, "It was so cute."

She reveals: "He asked me for permission to kiss me!"

Ariana Grande on Pete Davidson

Asking for consent before your first kiss is not only cute, it's a good sign. What's the opposite of a red flag when it comes to dating?

"It’s kind of complicated," Ariana says. "Because it wasn’t too naughty of a kiss.”

Naughty kiss sounds like a goofy British euphamism akin to sweep the special chimney, but clearly she just means that it was an emotionally charged but relatively chaste kiss.

Ariana then struggles to describe the passion between them, saying: “But it was like … there was so much … in there, you know?"

Go ahead, get all of the jokes about Ariana's phrasing here and Pete Davidson's impressive dong out of your system. We'll wait.

In Bed! Together!

Ariana meant that there was so much emotional significance in their kiss.

"It was really sweet," Ariana continues to gush.

She says that, lack of naughtiness aside, it was a huge turn-on.

"But," Ariana dishes. "It was also really sexy."

Though a lot of people have wanted to keep seeing Ariana as young and innocent, she's been a grown woman for years, even if she's still the height of a fourth grader.

Ariana has made very adult nature very, very clear in her music, interviews, and music videos.

Ariana Grande Straddles The World

Ariana also shares that, kissing aside, she loves her engagement to Pete.

"We have a lot of fun," she shares.

The two of them just click with each other and have similar sense of humor on top of all of that infamous sexual chemistry.

"He’s like my best friend …" Ariana affirms.

In terms of their overall relationship, which is still just a few months old, she reveals: "it gets better every day.”

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Affection

Ariana continues to gush about Pete, saying that they seem to mirror each other.

“We’re the boy-girl version of each other," Ariana explains.

Of course, physically speaking, they're more like fun house mirror versions of each other.

Ariana resorts to hyperbole, saying: "He’s, like, 70 feet tall, and I’m 4 inches tall!"

That's not the literal case, of course, but Pete does have a good 15 inchest on Ariana's 5-foot-0. And that's not counting his penis.

There is statistical evidence that suggests that their height difference might help Pete and Ariana's relationship last.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, Funny Faces

If we had to guess, we'd say that this famous first kiss took place on, like, May 20th at the Billboard Music Awards, or within the next few days.

Maybe, like, the day before. But we wouldn't be surprised if that kiss took place backstage.

Good for Ariana and for Pete for living their best and sexiest lives.

We really are rooting for them, as individuals but also as a couple.

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