Ariana Grande DESTROYS Fan Who Claims She Cheated on Mac Miller!

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In case you needed a reminder that Ariana Grande radiates Big Vagina Energy, look no further than how she claps back at trolls.

Ariana is engaged to Pete Davidson, but one fan blasted her for naming a new song after him -- and accused her of having cheated on her ex.

She clapped back hard. Take a look!

Ariana Grande on Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande, like so many of us, is literally counting down the days until the release of her new album, Sweetener.

She shared the track list for that album, which includes a song named after her love.

Unfortunately, one rude-ass "fan" decided to troll Ariana in the comments with a nasty jab at her fiance.

The so-called fan wrote: "Pete davidson will be the song I skip all the time."

Ariana clapped back: "Awwwww boo f--king hoo Alexa play ‘Pete Davidson.'"

Ariana Grande Sweetener Tracklist

If you're not familiar, the "Alexa play" meme -- the punchline of which varies from song to song -- was all the rage on the interwebs last month.

Unfortunately, the troll wasn't done, and had the audacity to reply to Ariana's clapback.

In this reply, the commenter accused Ariana of having cheated on Mac Miller with Pete Davidson.

"I didn’t but go off," Ariana replied tersely.

Ariana's retort continued with a request: "Can you like… go stan someone else? ur boring."

In Bed! Together!

(To stan someone is to aggressively support them, beyond the normal scope or enthusiasm of a regular fan)

We've heard this kind of cheating accusation malarkey before -- because Ariana and Pete started dating so soon after their respective breakups.

Some people can't wrap their heads around the speedy engagement and have decided that these two must have somehow been carrying on a secret affair.

(We're pretty sure that speedy engagements can be explained by being young, in love, and having poor impulse control, but that's none of our business)

Maybe cheating accusations aren't as bad as the absurd claim that Ariana "caused" Mac Miller's DUI hit-and-run, but it's still crappy.

Ariana Grande Straddles The World

But we have a question about this commenter who stated that they would be skipping "Pete Davidson" on the album.

If you believe that Ariana cheated on Mac, wouldn't you be skipping the entire dang album?

All of Sweetener is Ariana's work, so if you think that she cheated and you also feel worked up about it, you'd probably skip every song.

Pete sounds like a bystander in that alleged situation, right?

It sounds like this trick-ass b--ch was just trying to elicit a reaction -- any kind of reaction -- from Ariana.

And it worked.

Ariana Grande Rides Pete Davidson

You know, we here at THG have our own takes on whether Ariana and Pete or Justin and Hailey will last longer in their engagements and actually make it down the aisle.

Between their obvious chemistry and Pete's impressive dong, Ariana's relationship seems a little more stable -- and, for other reasons, a lot less shady.

But if you think that her engagement is doomed, you don't have to tell her.

If you think that she was running around on Mac even though that's totally out of character for her, you don't have to tell her.

Being nice to people on the internet is actually 100% free, folks.

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